Stain!!! Help!

  1. AHH, I just noticed a teeny tiny stain on my gucci canvas. Any suggestions on how I can clean it?

    Also, I have the 'pop' tote, the one with the red and green straps, well the straps are getting kinda fuzzy, anyone know how to avoid this from happening?

  2. to clean i would use a bit of sletzer water (perier works!)

    wow i just realized that i cant spell worth of crap...but i guess tahts what i get for being on tpf at 4 30 in the am haha
  3. I use mild soap and water. I'll have to try the seltzer water.
  4. I used Stain Remedy from Forever New. It worked on my cashmere sweater and Gucci canvas. It's a mild lingerie stain remover and is good for silk, cashmere and so.
  5. Thanks Ladies!
  6. Let us know how it goes and what you use. Good luck.

  7. i've got to try this! thanks for the tip
  8. So far I've used the stain remover on a cashmere sweater, silk tops and the GG canvas, it didn't leave any watermarks. Their lingerie wash can be used on bridal gown too. :tup:
  9. are baby wipes safe? i use them all the time to clean the canvas on both my bags & shoes. it really takes out the dirt out, and I haven't had any bad experience with it so far.