Stage Fright, Nervousness, and Fear in general...?

  1. I'm starting a new job tomorrow, and I'm SO nervous about it that I feel like I'm just going to throw up! :push::throwup:

    Everyone I know just keeps telling me "You'll be fine! Don't worry about it!" but, of course, it doesn't make me feel any better.

    Yes, I've had training for the job I'm about to do, and while I could be better prepared, it probably won't be the end of the world if I flub up a bit at the beginning.

    Yet, even knowing I have wiggle room is not enough to make me calm down.

    My chest feels tight, and part of me really, REALLY wishes I could just hide under the covers until oh, let's year!

    And the dumb thing is, the other (rational) part of me that knows I actually have the skills to do this job is ridiculously quiet. There's an "out-to-lunch" sign on that part of my I'm smiling on the outside & shrieking on the inside.

    Right now, my only prayer is "God, please don't let me crack!"

    So my question is:
    What do you ladies do to shut up the insane side of your brain?
  2. Ahh in situations like this, I rely on Kalms tablets and bachs rescue remedy! They are completely natural products, but do help with that awful tense feeling.

    Within a couple of hours of walking through the door tomorrow, you will be so fine, and wondering why you were so worried, but I know that nothing we say until you get there, will take all of the nerves away!!!

    they know you can do the job, and you know you can do it, so just get through the morning and you will be home dry :biggrin:

    best of luck, we will be thinking of ya! - hey just carry your fave purse too, that will make you feel fab!
  3. Take a nice relaxing afternoon off before you start. Go to the pool or get a pedicure/manicure. Maybe even work out before that. Work it all out of your system then relax! And finish off with a nice bubble bath and a good book.

    You're an intelligent woman and don't let the nerves get to you! Remember they chose YOU because they believe you can do it.
  4. I find most of the nervousness goes away when I actually GET there and am at the new job or whatever the situation is. It's normal to be anxious beforehand. I bet after day #1 you'll feel tons better and relieved.

    Let us know how it went!!
  5. I am a big believer in positive thinking.

    Think it this way: a lot of people have been on that desk before, your future co-workers be expecting somebody who needs training and they will be more than happy to introduce you to everything. I bet they are also feeling nervous about the new person... they will be thinking what kind of person she is? will she like us? will she think the office sucks? Some might even be afraid... will she be more skilled than me ad go for my job? There;s nothing to worry aobut, the worst thing that can happen is the vending machine is not free and you didn't bring enough change!!

    Remember you're a WINNER!!!!
  6. Well first of all unless you are boarding the Space Shuttle - calm down! Take a deep breath. Its good that you are nervous, all that means is that you are enthusiastic and want to do a good job. Have a cup of coffee and be a good listener! Don't be so much in your head when you are there. They are just people like you. They were once nervous too. May I ask what is it that you will be doing?
  7. totally natural, you are walking into a new environment. once there, your mind will be on the job at hand...and your nervousness will subside.

    if you are prepared, then everything will go beautifully. don't worry.
  8. Well, I have VERY bad test anxiety. I took my court reporting test, literally, at least 20 times. It's not uncommon for people to flunk it over and over, and I was one who did. As soon as the test would start I'd start sweating and my hands would shake and I couldn't do it. Then as soon as I'd mess up I'd do fine. Well, finally I passed, somehow.

    Now when I started working as a reporter a fellow court reporter told me that you will always be nervous on your first job or two but just to act cool like you've been doing it for years. So yeah, I was nervous, but I just pretended I wasn't and did fine.

    I still get anxiety about things though all the time. I've never figured a way to completely make it go away but I just do what I have to do and make it through.