Stacy London's Fashionably Late

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  1. Stacy London's new show starts Friday night! It looks great...she seems to have an entire floor-to-ceiling wall of shoes behind the stage.:girlsigh:
  2. They did a pilot of it last year, I didn't like it too much, I like when her AND Clinton are together. They balance each other...It's like a late night talk show.
  3. I know what you mean. They work well together as a team. Last week Clinton had his own special without Stacey. He was remodeling his house. It was so boring without her that I actually turned it off. And the crazy thing is, I love to watch him, but they need each other to be really entertaining.
  4. i saw the pilot and i liked it....can't wait!
  5. It starts tonight!:smile:
  6. I'm gonna watch the first episode and see how i like it..
  7. i am such a sucker for stacy london... i want to raid her closet! i loved the show, a lot of variety to it... but like i said, she can do no wrong IMO. :tup:
  8. I agree! It was such an up-beat, happy show! Very entertaining.;)
  9. It was a cute informative show!! I liked it!
  10. It was alright... she's a little over the top, she really needs clinton to tell her to SHUT UP. No but seriously, I love her, love the concept, love the shoes, the booze, she just doesnt have that talk show host flow, out of no where she hands this lady a bag. I dont know hopefully it will get better,Loving the concept. Maybe she needs her own paul shaffer, or a new bartender. yeah a girl bartender. one who can dish out fashion talk and rock out a mean cocktail not a manhattan... ME! KIDDING!!
  11. does anyone know the name of the convertible skirt that was featured?
  12. Wasn't ith though! But for me, I don't think the boringness was due to lack of Stacy so much as the subject matter, I am just not a big fan of outdoor pond and stair-step construction, or home remodeling in general.

    If he had done more extensive makeovers of the crew, and the show had been mostly that, with just a shot or two of pre-makeover crew members at work, and then a sort of combination reveal of all the madeover guys in the finished house (See how nice Biff the Slate Hefter looks under that hideous antler chandelier! And doesn't Dad's citron pocket square pop as he sits on that purple couch!) I would have really liked it.

    As for Stacy's show, I pretty much agree with Ladybug
    But I would rather see a late night talk show about fashion than all those chunked and formed cookie-cutter ones that are not about fashion. ;)

    I'll give it a few episodes to see how it shakes out, I think it has a lot of potential, I would rather see fewer segments that are a bit more detailed than lots of quickies that are basically advertisements for this or that product. For example, I really liked the shredder thing, and I would have liked it even better expanded just a little bit, not so much with a longer line of people presenting shredees, but have the ones who do put the things on, and then when they get their replacement items, have them put those on, and do a side by side, with more expounding on why the shredee is bad and the replacement good, etc. and while I do love to watch S & C together, I also like them fine separately, as long as they are doing what they do best - making snarky remarks about bad clothes and dispensing sage fashion advice!
  13. I liked it.....I saw those convertible high heels on Tyra this week too! It's a fun show :smile:
  14. It was the perfect show for a Friday night (for me, anyway). It had good energy, was light, but not too light and mostly, Stacy London seemed to be having a good time herself.

    I have a feeling as good as this show was it's going to get better and better.
  15. i missed it!! :sad:( and i love her!! i will have to tivo the next show!!