Stacking -- too much already?

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  1. I don't find the word ostentatious offensive at all. we're all entitled to our opinions and it would be no different if one said "show off" or "over the top" or "trying too hard".
  2. Or how about "back to topic"?

    None of this really has anything to do with the OPs intent for the thread.

    If a poster doesn't like the stacking look, such opinions can be (and have been) stated simply and inoffensively.

    And ... n o need to go back and forth - and this applies to everyone in the thread - with each other over the choice of words used. Hit report and PM a moderator if anyone here is offended by a post/poster and let us deal with it.


    :back2topic: now please.
  3. Haha so true, dear Ladybaga. I've seen some pictures of your stacks (but I am more in a lurker modus lately, will try to be a little bit more active on PF from now on :P), and I really like them as well. The stacking thread is very inspiring indeed and I think people should really do what they love. I've read that some people don't like to wear more than one piece of the same designer. I actually do that a lot and I love it. When I wear a Chanel bag, I love to compliment it with something else Chanel. I've been caught wearing a H. bag, H. scarf, Farandole necklace and H. ring at the same time :P.
    I think everyone should wear their pieces the way they want and enjoy them in the fullest :tup:.

    Thank you also for your nice words about my jewelry. My humble collection is nothing compared to some of the ladies here, but I really love the items I got so far. In the past year I decided to invest a little bit in some pieces of jewelry instead of bags (although I am still waiting for the call from H. for a bag, which seriously takes forever now).
  4. I love jewelry . I love dainty delicate blings & also can do edgy rock chic . When I'm in the mood , boho chic, glam puss or classic elegance. There's just so much good fun & options. The only limiting factor is budget & priorities haha.

    Tpf allows me to appreciate & indulge in other jewelry lovers' creativity & try out some of their looks for my lifestyle.

  5. Always enjoy & look forward to your cheerful confident stacks ! 👍😃
  6. #66 Mar 8, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2014
    I am guilty as charged when it comes to piling on the H. I'm surprised my skin isn't orange by now. :P I have been on a huge bracelet kick lately. A salesperson once told me that women tend to buy bracelets more for themselves, while they are gifted earrings and necklaces. Maybe because we look at our wrists more than our ears and our chests. :lol: Can't wait for your bag to arrive! Something to look forward to!!! Oh, Thank you for your sweet complement!
  7. yay to freedom of speech (certain limitations of course) thanks for addressing
  8. You should get one, it would look awesome with your stacks!

    I love mine. I always admired the Love but couldn't stand the idea of wearing jewelry 24/7. Never did that, so that was really holding me back from buying one.
    They also have a cuff which you can remove, but I like the bangle much more.
    When I got it (I have RG as well), I really had to get used to it. So I wore it for a couple of days, took it off and took it on a few days later. And I got used to it.
    Now I am wearing it 2,5 months non-stop. Love it! Sometimes when I am in bed, I am secretly admiring it on my wrist :P.
    If you are planning to get one, try to find one with the old screw system. Some people are having troubles with the newer screw system (you can read about it in the jewelry section).
    I have one with the old screw system myself.

  9. TankerToad ! You are one darn good enabler !
  10. It's not a question of freedom of speech. It's a question of the (fairly simple) PF rules.

    To wit:

    • Be nice, treat fellow forum members with respect. Do not call names. Should you disagree with someone else's opinion, settle the argument maturely. Attacks on other members will not be tolerated.

    Please feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss further.
  11. Lol, I think your theory is definitely right.
    I was debating between my first VCA purchase (a necklace) or the Cartier Love at that time. The Cartier Love won...probably also because I can see and admire it when wearing it :graucho:.
    As for the bag, well, fingers crossed. I was expecting it around January, but I am still waiting. You know how it goes with H. - It comes when it comes :P.
  12. Yep venting!! Glad you found it funny!! :lol: :P
  13. i hear ya, sometimes we just need to let it all go and then we feel better! :P
  14. ITA with u, Chanel! My daily jewelry usually is a watch + bracelet + ring + earrings. But I thoroughly enjoy lovely64's stacks. People from different cultures do things differently! If we all follow the same rules of dress, the world would be a boring place indeed! ( I suddenly recall the uniform I wore when I was a little girl at a convent school:nuts:)
  15. :nogood:

    Yep, seriously.. How can one even hold up their arm without trying to spill their drink on their CDC armor stack (yep I have officially named it CDC armor stack)

    Oh lord!! That sight :tdown:

    Sure thing! And I thought I was part of stirring the pot, looks like its not me, phew!