Stacking -- too much already?

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  1. I agree. I used to be all about it but now I'm down to just a watch and a Love bracelet.
  2. I stacked when I was a teen but haven't done for a while. It looks great on long slender arms but I fear I'm too muscular now (and worried about scratching everything).

    I do admire on others though :yes:
  3. Oh no, I am so sorry you are so sick Lulilu!
    I am not a huge stacker. I do like wearing a vintage piece with a clic clac.
    This past weekend I bought a darling large cuff, I thought about adding a few thin bangles but it felt
    Feel better...xoxo
  4. I guess seeing people who stack not one, not two, but THREE CDC's on one side yeah it can be a bit tedious and some what ostentatious.. Like we know its Hermes, we know it is expensive, but there is NO reason for you to wear all the jewelry you own just to go to the bar! Yes you know who you are, and I know you stalk tPF and you know I am a member, I AM DIRECTING IT TO YOU!

    Also on a side note, if you are trying to impress a guy and you are wearing a stack consisting of the brands Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston and Hermes, no matter how pretty you are, it too is also a turn off when guys like me know how much those little scraps of metal with the sparkly things cost. I would immediately think *steer away from her, since she is a gold digging BEEP*. But yeah, you may never know how they are like so yeah, just a generalization but yeah.

    So my thoughts on stacking, yes; but to a point. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  5. yikes.
  6. I used to love stacking but I rarely do it now- maybe two items max, often just one. Maybe it was a trend that is passing? I do like to look at other peoples stacks though...
  7. Two items for me too if it involves a KD. CDC on alone is already very busy-looking so I don't stack them usually. If its the thin bracelets like KDT, Rivale, Hapi, then three items for me max. I don't like crashing too many colours on my wrist too, too busy looking.
  8. Wow ... seriously?
  9. I'm not necessarily tired of it, but I think that some can pull it off better than others. One who comes to mind is Carlinha. Her skin is such a beautiful, flawless color and her bright stacks just look so gorgeous on her arms. I have short, white freckled arms and too much stacking just doesn't work for me. Maybe because of my freckles, it just looks cluttered?

    For me, CDC's and KD's work best worn alone with a watch on the other wrist. I do like to wear the bangles two at a time, but I have a few that have such beautiful designs that I wear them singly so as not to take away the attention from the one. I usually wear clic clac's singly, but on rare occasions will wear two.

    One other reason I don't like too much stacking is that I often remove all of my jewelry during the day for different household tasks, and then I put it back on, take it off, back on... Taking off my wedding and engagement rings, a watch and one or two bracelets is enough of a chore without adding an armful of bracelets.
  10. I've never been able to wear bracelets stacked up. I hate the thought of my clic clacs scratching each other, and the noise would drive me nuts. The exception would be chain type bracelets that fit fairly close to the wrist so they don't get in my way. But I do love seeing how others mix and match different styles and colors. I take inspiration from them in other areas of my wardrobe/accessories.

    If I recall, the few times I've seen people on the "stacking" thread wear multiple CDCs, it was just for photos, not for actually wearing out.
  11. Not a fan of stacking myself, but just like everything other look out there some people can pull it off beautifully, others not so much.
  12. I like it and I do it, but within reason. I never do more than 3 bracelets and I keep them all different, but with one common trait. I am concerned about scratching, so I am pretty careful about what I put together.
  13. I love looking at people's stacks and I often wish I could cram a bunch onto my own wrists, but I usually do one large bracelet (CDC or mega-wide clic-clac) and then something smaller with my watch on the other wrist. I actually love the sound of clic-clacs hitting each other, though I know that others find it annoying or distracting. Don't really know why I bother as I take all my bracelets and my watch off as soon as I get to work so they don't bang into my computer...
  14. +1 ;)
  15. I too am a bit of a gypsy and adore the sound of my chain d'ancre jing jing jingling against my CDC. Makes me happy. My favorite stack of two.

    And I LOVE how those who rock click clacks double and even triple them.

    But I think the stacked look can get carried away sometimes where fun and zesty turns into carnival prize. It's just too much to mix texture and size and color me thinks.