Stacking the love bracelet.

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  1. Saw the on someone recently and really fell in love with it. I have the YG Love cuff--is it weird to stack two cuffs? I haven't had a chance to try it on but was wondering if anyone out there had both and knew how they looked together. Thanks!
  2. I have tried the pink gold cuff (I can't remember if it was a small or medium size) and my YG Love cuff (size 17). It was the same shape and size. The was narrower than the love. They did look good together and i was tempted to buy it to stack together but finally decided to save the $$ and hopefully get a Love full bangle.
  3. So--- I already want my second love bracelet I never stack or put anything else on my wrist besides my love bracelet--- although it looks nice with the Hermés clic clacs- but in the interest of keeping it as nice as possible-- it's never been stacked. Now that I am wanting to get a second one-- would anyone recommend stacking or should I just wear it on the opposite wrist. I want the cuff this time, only because I want my second bracelet to be removable. Does anyone have experience with a lot of additional scratching with their second love bracelet? Any info would be most helpful!
  4. Sometimes, I stack my Love with either another Love, a JUC, or a charm bracelet. It's going to scratch. But I love my different pieces and want to wear them so I put up with the scratches. Plus, I think you get accustomed to the scratches and they just become part of your journey. Good luck!
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  5. Thanks goldengirl!! Yeah it really does look so well stacked. Are all yours the same color golds?
  6. Yes. They are all YG. If I have the opportunity to purchase another LOVE, I'd get one in plain WG.
  7. I stack my love with JUC and wear it 24/7. The only problem is one of the screw become loose and I have to now keep on checking screw.. I still want to get another love to stack with the two..
  8. What about stacking 3 in white, rose amd yellow gold?? I, thinking of getting rose since I got the 2
  9. Here's mine..3 cuffs.. image.jpeg
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  11. Loctite is the a MUST! My wife wears two stacked loves and we had the loose screw problem. I put a little Loctite on the threads and no more problem. The screws have been in and tight for about 5 years now!
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  12. Beware if you get a cuff and bangle, even in the same size!!! I've only worn mine together maybe four times and the bangle constantly slides over the cuff scratching the eff out of it. :crybaby:

    Even if I push the two up on my arm so they stay in place, it's no use. The bangle and cuff rotate positions and I don't even feel it. :-s

    Get a matching bangle with the same shape instead.
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  13. Oh no :sad:(( okay well I'm definitely getting two bangles but did anyone mention how much wear and tear it'll cause for both bracelets?
  14. They do slide, but the bracelet will scratch on their own over time. 18k gold is soft. Wearing a bangle and a bracelet won't necessarily cause much more damage. I wear both and they still look great, but I am not concerned with scratches really to be honest. I live in these things and expect it. Good Luck with your choice. :hugs:
  15. I stack mine with a tennis bracelet and other thin bangles. I just live with it and love it so much. The scratches blend in over time and add to the beauty.