Stacking the Clash

Love this stack and the way you put it all together! May I ask for the sizes you chose? Thanks in advance!
Thank you and sure! I meant to include that all are 18cm. My Loves fit closely, rather than like bangles while the others fit loosely. This gives me the best options if I want to change the stack.
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I wear my small clash with a small love mostly. I added pictures with both a small and a regular. I find for me personally I like the look better with a small. But I’ve seen others pair with a regular and it looks great.
Happened to be wearing same stack now while munching my sandwich.

I’ve mentioned somewhere in this forum too that to me, sm love pairs better than the regular, with a small Clash. I think it’s the proportion-matters thing.

Nevertheless I still wear it this way so long I don’t overthink lol.