Stacking Single/Shared Prong Bands

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  1. Has anyone successfully stacked single/shared prong diamond bands (for every day wear)?

    I'd like to stack 2 marquise single prong bands but was told that stacking them could cause the diamonds to chip. Does anyone know how likely this would be? Diamonds would be very high quality (E-f, VVS2 and up). The jeweler who warned me about chipped stones was using SI1 diamonds (not sure if that matters).
  2. I would also advise caution with that. The diamonds will probably eat in to anything you wear them up against (other metal for sure) so there is a real possibility they could rub against each other and cause some damage. If I wear a band with exposed diamond edges, I usually put an inexpensive, thin metal band in between that and anything else I wear with it. And although channel set rings may not be considered the most "fashionable" at the moment, a thin one in the mix can really protect your other rings.
  3. I actually bought a few thin rings to wear as spacers, but I'm not a fan of how they look with my stack... I guess I'll have to wear the rings on different fingers if ever. Thank you for your help!!
  4. The clarity really has minimal impact unless the stones have edge issues. Even the highest quality and clarity stones will destroy each other without a spacer to block them from touching.
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  5. I actually messaged a few high-end stores online and asked for their opinion. Some said they wouldn't recommend it, while others said their clients stack single prong bands all the time with no issues. I've decided to play it safe and just wear them on different fingers though, thanks for your input!