Stacking rings

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  1. Anyone have Tiffany's celebration/stacking ring??? I would love to see pictures!!! If you have some, please post!! Thank you
  2. Just the one..

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  3. ^^ Beautiful ring, but I want to see modeling photos of the Micro Pave Metro Ring...I am thinking of purchasing this and would love to see it on the finger.:nuts:
  4. I was captivated by the Micro Pave rings on the Tiffany site, but when I saw them in person, immediately lost interest. They don't go with other celebration rings - they are too thin and too flat to the finger. They are very delicate looking. They may strike your fancy, but I'd advise you go to a store and try one on. I have other celebration rings and even the SA thought the Metro ring didn't go with the celebration rings, not by a long shot.
  5. I've actually already tried it on IRL, and I agree, they don't go well with other celebration rings, I actually want to wear them together with my e-ring and possible my wedding band after I get married, of course! I saw them on Eva Longoria and it looked gorgeous! i am not sure if the eternity ring she has is Tiffany's though..

  6. Chinkee, are you sure that's an eternity ring she's wearing in that picture? It looks like a plain white gold or platinum band to me...
  7. ^^ I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere here that it was, here are a couple others:

    Avril Lavigne's


    Sandra Bullock's

  8. Sorry, this is off topic, but I really need to say this:

    chinkee21, your avatar is drop dead gorgeous!!! Is that your ring?
  9. ^^ I WISH! :lol:

    It's only my dream ring. :shame: I saw it in an auction book, it's 12.13 carats. Starting bid was US$2.25M :wtf:
  10. i love love love Avril's stack! I hope to stack like that one day ...
  11. Avril's and Kate Beckinsale's stacks are my insipration to wanting to 'collect' different shapes, sizes and color stone bands!
  12. very nice!
  13. I am getting a diamond band for my engagement ring. I am either getting this one or another very similar one:

    What sort of bands would look best stacked with this? I will initially stack it with one wedding band and then eventually add another. What contrasting looks would work? channel set? different shaped diamond? Can anyone recommend thin bands that would complement this one?
  14. link doesn't work for me :sad:
    Can you post the pic?
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