stacking Hermès bracelets, watches, etc.

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  1. I have searched but haven't found a thread devoted to stacking bracelets. There are photos scattered throughout the various celeb, socialite and reveal threads but I'd love to see how people here wear multiples of bracelets, watches, etc.

    Here's one of mine.


    I am looking for ideas of bracelets to wear with my double tour orange cape cod watch.
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  2. there is a picture of very attractive woman with two H watches and a Jyspie bag... but i dont think she is a member i think it was in there celebrities thread. i will see if i can find it for you.
  3. Great Idea, lulilu! We are certainly off to a good start with your beauties.

    I hope Lutz sees this thread. Her friend MCC does a fantastic job with his stunning collection of watch and bracelets!
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    Here you go! Great stacks from MCC. I am an admirer/stalker.

  5. lulilu - Great thread!! Thanks for starting it!!!:tup::tup:
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  7. They make it look so effortless...............I wish I could "pull it off"
  8. lulilu - this is a GREAT thread. I would love to see some close up stacking pics.
  9. Dog/Medor

  10. Here's my usual stack with the mini chaine d'ancre necklace worn as bracelet with black boxcalf CDC and my patek.

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  11. Lulilu; oh, this is a nice thread, cause I'm still a 'stacking-virgin' (lol :biggrin:) but have been thinking of trying it too with my fuchsia CDC. I'm not sure yet what the best combo will be, so now I can get inspired here!
  12. I love this thread!
  13. Love this!!
  14. Clic H, Kelly Double Tour, CDC and tennis bracelet. :smile:

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  15. Fabulous thread!! I really need some ideas on stacking! Here's a pic I recently posted in another thread... I wore two Kelly Dogs the other day to work...