Stacking H Scarves: Color Transfer?

  1. I'm moving in with my significant other, so I'll have to *gasp* share space now. I am thinking of storing my scarves without the boxes, but am wondering if some of the vibrant colors may transfer to other scarves of they are stacked on top of one another? I see them displayed at the H stores, and seems like no problem.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't think there would be an issue. Many people don't store them in their boxes. Make sure the drawer is dry though ( no dampness, not near a bathroom or shower). I would still recommend storing them between acid free tissue paper for longevity.
  3. I store mine in the boxes but if I couldn't I would certainly use the tissue to separate them.

    Congrats on the big "move in" :smile:
  4. I never bother. I just fold them loosely over and lay them in shallow drawers with a bit of overlap. This way I can see them all.

    They store them this way in the H stores too, sometimes for years as not all of the scarves sell. You'd find wonders in some of the bottom drawers. ;)

    Just make sure you line the drawer itself properly with acid free paper. Never put silk directly on wood.
  5. I have to see them or I would never wear them. I take them out of the boxes and keep the boxes in their own place separately. I have the scarves folded as they were in the boxes, without tissue, overlapped, in drawers. Sort of by color. I have had some scarves stored this way for over 20 years and they are perfect.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to put them in large box and fold them up and lay it out so it's viewable. Oh, I'm already dreaming up the layout!
  7. I keep mine stored in their boxes, two or three to a box, and by color scheme (e.g., greens with greens, blues with blues, etc.) Haven't noticed any color transfer whatsoever. I don't think you need to worry.

    You might want to do a search on Dressage Queen's posts. She came up with a fantastic system for storing her scarves that is both compact and practical.

  8. ^^Oh I saw dressage queen's method and that is truly amazing! I only have about 5 scarves right now, so I don't need a filing system yet, but oh how I wish! :graucho:
  9. I've lifted this pic from Shopmom's Princess B thread. This is exactly how I have mine in drawers too!

  10. hi latigresse! :welcome: i went straight from working 16 hour days to leaving for the NY meet and never had a chance to check my tPF correspondence (or sleep for that matter :cursing: ) i hope you're back soon.

    may, shopmom's method worked for me, too, until i acquired too many scarves to keep them neat that way. the paper that comes in the h boxes is acid-free, so you can use that to line the drawers, and as a protective layer between scarves.
  11. ^^ I love these ideas! I'll definitely use the tissue paper to line the drawers and keep between scarves. Thanks again and again!
  12. Hi, DQ!!! Great to hear from you. I know what you mean about the 16-hour days. My Stateside workdays were horrendous, too -- meetings, deadlines, endless paperwork :wtf: I'm back home again now, and working at a more civilized pace. I probably won't be in NY again until the fall:sad: But I'll keep you posted if anything changes. PM me when things calm down.

    I also have to confess that as lovely as Shopmom's method is, I don't think it'll work for me either, since I continue to add scarves to my collection and keeping them in their boxes is becoming more cumbersome. I'm leaning more and more toward adopting your method.:heart:

  13. eek what is that yellow and black scarf in her drawer? everyone's looking at how neat it is and i'm shopping! lol.
  14. H, which yellow and black? If you meant the top one on the left column, that's the Pavements. It is gorgeous in the black. One of my "maybe" grails. :wondering
  15. bottom one middle row and what is the one with the RAINBOW?????