stacking bracelets, watches, etc.

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  1. Hihihi, love to join the party although I own no bracelet yet. ;)

    Here we have Monsieur Chocolat Chaud wearing his stack a few days ago:

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    Ms Piggy............this is such a beautiful, effortless look.....maybe b/c the leathers are so's one of my favorites! But, I also love the mixture of bracelets in your other photos, including the tennis bracelet..........So Chic

  3. Boucle Sellier silver/barenia double tour bracelet stacked with non-H bracelets (I hope that's OK)


    Three bead bracelets I made:
    1 - wood w/silver beads
    2 - star rubies
    3 - Tahitian pearl rejects

    and the others:
    4 - Boucle Sellier double tour
    5 - older Tiffany silver chain bracelet similar to Chain d'Ancre
  4. Monsieur Chocolat Chaud buying fruit this evening:

    mcc 2.jpg
  5. I agree, this is a great thread. It was not easy searching threads to find pictures when I tried to do it a few months ago. There are some additional pictures in the threads in the Hermes clubhouse on clic clacs. I wear just the clics, and pair them with fun bracelets. I will post some pictures when I get a chance to take them. Looking forward to seeing some other ideas!
  6. Black chamonix and palladium CDC with Black barenia and silver Sangles double tour:
  7. Great thread, I have a few pix floating around here on different threads. I cannot post them yet since I'm confined to my iPhone:sad:
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    Here are a few of mine.

    Various H bracelets stacked with a Tods bracelet:

    Kelly Dog & Tods
    Night & Tods
    Nova & Tods
    RG Clic clac & Vert Olive Clic Clac
    RG Clic Clac & Ex Libris Enamel
    Kdog and Tods.jpg Night and Tods.jpg Nova and Tods.jpg IMG_1123.jpg IMG_1124.jpg
  9. And a few more combos:

    RG CDC & RG Clic Clac
    KenC Enamals in Craie & Orange
    KDog in Barenia & Nova in Barenia
    KDogs in Ebene and Barenia
    IMG_1125.jpg IMG_1126.jpg IMG_1127.jpg IMG_1128.jpg IMG_1129.jpg
  10. One more,

    K Double Tour and Nova
  11. Rileygirl.........You've got sooo many different ways to stack your bracelets...........I love them all:love:
  12. Love this thread!! it is motivating me to take some pix as I love to stack'em. H and non-H together. At the H sale last week, I found a rouge H enamel bracelet in chaine d'ancre design that I immediately thought would look super paired with my silver chaine d'ancre. The light bulb in my head went off yesterday that I should pair it with my double Kelly rouge watch as well!

    LTC, and Riley your pix are fabulous!
  13. Love everyone's photos!!! What great inspiration!
  14. Lulilu - marvelous thread... and just a delicious way to be more enabled.... Here is an old photo of my barenia stack (let it grow!)