Stacked T book bag

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  1. I just ordered this beautiful cross body bag in the Vachetta color! I can't wait for it to get here!! Anyone have one??
  2. I keep looking at it every time I am Nordstrom! I love the Vachetta color! I am thisclose to buying it. :P

    Please post pix when it arrives!!

  3. One of the girls at my gym has one. It is super cute and a good size. I cornered her to tell her how much I love it!

  4. Please share it when it arrives, excited for you!
  5. I got this bag about two weeks ago and have been using it nonstop! What a wonderful, carefree, beautiful bag! It holds all of my essentials and doesn't get heavy! If you are on the fence about this bag, go for it! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393020943.007554.jpg

  6. Pretty bag!
  7. A classic.
  8. Do you know the whole name of it or model number?