Stackable diamond rings.....

  1. I have a price question for these rings....

    I am sooo in love with how they look with stacks of 2 or three...its not too much yet is enough to give that wonderful Diamond flash....

    How much do they usually go for?? My local jewler is asking about $290.00 for a fairly small diamond band with little diamond on the face of it....and not all the way around...:shrugs:
  2. That sounds husband bought me stacking eternity bands for our anniversary...and I love them!!
  3. I think that sounds like a reasonable price too! If you want them to go all the way around (eternity bands), you'll be looking at about $600-700 and up.
  4. Thats reasonable.

    I have a half eternity ring thats .30 carats G color (15 diamonds half band) in 18K white gold and I paid about $250
  5. i have a stack of three. two diamond and one blue sapphire. i wear the sapphire in the middle. they are full eternity and are set in platinum. i love them and find them very versatile.

    i sometimes wear the three on the left hand and my engagement ring on the right. other times i wear one diamond eternity ring and my e-ring on the left and the other diamond and sapphire ring on the right.

    i like them well enough to be considering a diamond and blue sapphire mixed band. i used signed pieces facets collection and they are great. people frequently compliment me on them. i hope that helps. :yes:

  6. Thank you and thanks everyone for your wonderful input.....I went and bargained with them and got 2 bands 14k for $450.00...dont know the kt though....looks to be about .25 or is white gold and one in yellow which I wear together....I really love it b/c it just gives that flash of diamond but is not too much......I want more!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. congrats theyre beautiful! from 290 to 225 each! Good job!

    I love the yellow gold on your skin tone!
  8. they are lovely. good deal!
  9. They look so pretty. I'm inspired to get some now! LOL
  10. They look gorgeous. Enjoy them.
  11. Thank you guys!!!!

    I am really loving them....they go with everything but is worry free....I put them on different fingers on a whim and it just gives it that little something without all that carat weight......I really want more but cant!! Ughhhhhh.....
  12. I love them! I wouldn't have thought to get one in each color. The CW is just enough, but not too much. Good choice!
  13. I love your rings. They look great together, so simple and elegant.
  14. Love your rings especially the yellow one. It's so pretty. I have several but would love to get more. Perhaps a rose gold, yellow gold or a canary diamond band so they could be switched. I tried on a Yurman cable ring and it looked adorable.:yes: I just can't help myself. I'm clearly addicted.:shrugs: Here's my current group. Geez my hands look old...
  15. :nuts: Sooo pretty!!!!! :yes: