Staci B's collection

  1. I have been a member since Sep '06 and I haven't posted my pics yet.

    I was going to wait until I was totally happy with my collection but it's kinda taking too long and I want to join in and show some of my things (I have so enjoyed looking at all your bags and they have made me long for bags that I never even liked a few months agao- weird huh).

    But anywayz here are my bags for now:
  2. nice, i see a suhali back in there... need some closeups! :graucho:
  3. Nice!!!!! I love how you have one of each from Gucci, LV, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Fendi!!!! Love your taste, and thanks for sharing your collection with us.
  4. A nice variety it. And do I spy with my little eye a petit shopping tote.
  5. Lovely collection, the b-bag is gorgeous!
  6. nice collection
  7. I :heart: that grey Bbag. What is the year/color?
  8. Lovely :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
  9. Oh I didn't know my pics were up yet.

    So here are the rest of the pics

    This is my one and only bbag. I bought it off eBay from a pfer.
    I originally bought it because it was cheap and I wanted a bbag.
    But when I got it I fell in love with the material.
    bbag2.JPG bbag31.JPG
  10. This is my one and only chanel bag

    I would love to get some more soon
    chanel1.JPG chanelbag1.JPG
  11. :heart: Now this is my chloe paddy in whiskey.:heart:

    I saw someone carrying this bag and I had to have it.
    And of course they didn't sell this colour anymore so I
    had to get this from eBay. Thanks to the chloe subforum
    for this.

    This bag is the reason I got interested in designer bags.
    I didn't understand why my mother and sister loved designer
    bags so much until I got this bag. Now I am even worse
    than they are.:shame:
    chloepaddy1.JPG chloepaddy3.JPG
  12. This is my coach bag bought for me by my dad.

    Never really used it yet but my mum loves it and I
    will be giving it to her
  13. This is my juicy couture bag. Bought for me by my
    mother when she was on holiday last year in
    Houston, Texas.

    I know it appears black but it is actually brown.
    I use this when I have a lot of books to carry for uni.
  14. This is my LV orange perfo speedy.

    I love this bag so much but I am so scared that
    it is going to patina so I don't use it as much as I
    would like to.

    I never thought I would buy another lv with vachetta
    but as soon as I saw it I had to have it.:heart: :heart:
    lvperfospeedy1.JPG DSC00035.JPG
  15. This is my le fab and it is defo abfab

    Love it so much. I actually ordered this in white (whilst supposedly studying for my exams- i might add:graucho: ) and was too scared to use it so decided to to exchange it for the blue. But of course that has been discontinued in the UK (I have such wonderful luck don't I?:rolleyes: )

    Anyway I decided on the black and it is wonderful IRL.:heart:

    Don't know what I will use it for except maybe going to LV stores and I hope it means that the SA's treat me good.
    lefab1.JPG lvlefab1.JPG