Stability issues when walking outside, what styles to get?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I have a huge problem with my Loubis, I can't wear them on an uneven surface! I have about 7-8 pairs of heels and two pairs of boots. The boots are 4 in with a slightly thicker heel and they are fine, I can walk for a long time in them without issues.

    But when it comes to my heels I am fine walking indoors but when I go outside it's pure hell trying to keep my ankles from twisting! :sad:

    Floors are fine. Sidewalks and streets are not even and they ususally tilt. There are also patches of cobble stones and broken pavement. The only pair I can comfortably walk around the city in without constantly struggling are Prorata. My Simple 100 are ok as long as it is not too tilted and uneven and I watch where I put my feet.

    I have hypermobility issues which means my joints are not very stable, hence why my ankles twist so easily.

    My question is, what styles should I try? First I was thinking that I must look for styles with a thicker heel to give more stability (ie width of thumb vs pinky), but then again my most comfortable pair is Prorata and they have a very thin heel? I looked at the Bibi but I am most comfortable with a heel height around 90-120 mm.

    The styles I already have are:
    Simple 100
    No Prive 120
    Hyper Prive 120 (they are definitely 130 though)
    One that is very similar to the Very Prive but with crossed straps in front
    Defil (horror, but they are way too big)

    As it is outside I run into problems going to a CL boutique and trying all the styles on carpet is unfortunately no help. :sad:

    Does anyone have similar issues or can you recommend styles that offer a little more stability? I am looking for a heel around 4 in.

    The ones I have looked at are Cathay and Altadama 100 (are they the same shoe basically except Cathay is a slingback?), New Simple 100, Simple 85, No Matter 85. What other styles could I try?

    Mater Claude seems to have a similar heel to the Prorata, but I am not so keen on the curved heel. If I were I could just get Prorata in more colours.

    They should be simple enough for day wear but stylish enough for a night on the town too in case I will be walking more than from car to door.

    Preferably nude or maybe blue or gold, something summery. :smile:
  2. Ah, I have this problem too! It's so so SO annoying, because I also have hypermobility, and my ankles do twist easily, but my knees are even worse (haha so obviously Loubis are the logical choice, right?:lol:).

    Anyway, I've found that heel height presents less of a problem for me than taller platforms do, so while my Greissimos (140 with a 1"-ish platform) are my most comfortable and stable on carpet, I feel more stable on streets with Pigalle 120s and Iriza 100s. I mean, the P120s suck for comfort (the irizas are great for me though), but I feel the ground beneath me more easily and can more quickly adjust my balance. I also just bought a pair of new to me Foxtrots and I love them so far. They do have a very small platform that does not curve up like Greissimos (therefore, more sole on the ground), but overall, they're not very tall at all, have a slightly thicker heel, and I don't feel like they're a recipe for a twisted knee.

    So, out of all that, I'd try on Iriza 100s. They come in lots of colors are really pretty on, but for me, have been very comfortable TTS.

    I haven't done it yet, but I also plan on getting Vibram soles on my greissimos and pigalles to improve grip on sloping and uneven floors. That sort of thing might help you too. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your reply!
    Yes it is really annoying! I want to be able to wear my beautiful shoes outside too.

    Interesting what you say about the platforms, the Prorata only has a 1 cm platform and the Simple none at all. I always figured platforms are easier because the arch is less but I think you might be on to something there as I have more trouble with my Hyper Prive than any other (they are good on a flat floor though).

    Will look at all the non platform ones. My legs are already long so don't really need the extra height anyway. :smile:
    The Iriza is very pretty! I like the look of the Ron Ron and Decollete, have you tried them? Maybe the Pigalle 100 would be good too?

    I have slim feet and often problems keeping my shoes on. Especially when I wear stockings. My feet appear to have shrunk in the last year. :P Have put heel grips and pads in all of them but think I need to buy a size down really. I think that might help with the stability issues to, usually it feels better with bare feet so sliding inside the shoe could be a factor too.

    I have Soleutions grips on some and Vibrams on some and I find that does help. Even more so inside, a polished wood floor or marble is like a death trap with Loubis on. Lol. The Soleutions are great, you can put them on yourself and they last quite a long time, although not as long as Vibram soles of course. :smile:
  4. I have the Cathay and Soso. Both are open toe slingback styles with platforms, and I find them to be pretty stable.

    I have major ankle stability issues as well -- if I am walking outside I usually change into tennis shoes as per my foot doctor's orders. :sad:
  5. Haha as an update to my hopeless mobility skills, I'd like to say that I just twisted my ankle while walking in flat converse sneakers. ANYWAY, I have only tried on the Decollete 868 on a carpeted floor, so I really couldn't say. The heel height and shape of the heel reminds me a bit of the Foxtrot though, so I feel fairly confident that they pose a smaller risk than other styles. I'll definitely be curious as to what you find works for you though!
  6. Yes it is a little more curved and a little thicker than the Simple heel. And I think the Decollete is a prettier shoe, the Simple sometimes feels a bit too simple. It is also the only nude left in my size. :P

    Is Soso like Cathay but with crossed straps in front? Have been searching ebay for those but none in my size and a colour I like sadly.
  7. Yes, they have the crossed straps. I have them in a nude patent. I find them to be easy to wear.
  8. Great, will keep an eye out for those. :smile: