St. Tropez

  1. Next summer i'm going to St. Tropez and Paris!!! I'm so excited. I was wondering if any of you have ever been to either places and what you thought about them. Any suggestions on where to stay or go?? Thanks!!
  2. Congrats! Sounds fun....sorry no help for me...but wanted to say congrats!
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Saint-Tropez!!!

    You MUST visit the Musee Annocionade, it's really the Rivera's most precious hidden gem... it's actually right by the Hermes store! Just a few blocks up along the ocean is a FABULOUS ice-cream stand with wonderful, unique flavors like tomato, lavender, rose... ridiculously good. If you can tear yourself away from the beaches, mosey along into the inner parts of Saint-Tropez where there are all kinds of interesting shops -- and surprisingly, most are very affordable. If possible, I would suggest venturing out into the other cities of southern France, such as Nice and Cannes. Nice is my favorite city in the world.

    Paris is wonderful if you stay off the tourist track. If you want charming but affordable housing, the Latin Quarter is a wonderful place to stay.
  4. St Tropez is like a hidden gem..its so great there.Last September..we stayed in Nice and traveled all over the Riviera-I loved it all there.Cant wait to go back..I hAVE the addresses of great shops and restaurants to go to in NICE..Pm me if you want them!
  5. Thanks everyone!! You all were so helpful!!