St. Tropez sunless tanner question:

  1. Do you find it necessary to use the other two steps, ie, the moisturizer/lotions? I am just using step 3, the mousse. It works okay, but I'm wondering if the other two steps have been found to get better results. If I had to take a guess, I would say probably, but I've not had luck with the multiple step sunless tanners, so I'm skeptical. Just wondering what your experiences are with it for those who use St. Tropez (or have suggestions of kinds that may even work better)

  2. I've used the st tropez lotion sunless tanner and loved the results I got. I just used a salt scrub I had in my shower first and wore gloves to put it on. I had beautiful, streak-free results--my only compliant was it took LONG to dry before I could get dressed. I personally don't like mousse sunless tanners--they are just too drying on me and I always get spotty results.
  3. It is neccesary to exfoliate and moisturise when you use St Tropez, but u don't have to use the St Tropez branded products, other brands work just as effectively