St Thomas, Virgin Islands

  1. In San Juan...we stayed in Old San Juan (HoJo - horrible)and later in Condado (La Concha- very nice). I'd go back. The food was great, Old San Juan (minus our hotel) was charming, and the beaches were nice. We took a day trip out to the rainforest and went climbing, which was exciting (although my nails are doing so hot). :smile:
  2. you'll have a great time on St Thomas and Frenchman's is really nice. Are you staying in the hotel or one of the little houses?

    My parents home is right next to Frenchman's so I enjoy walking over to the property.

    Shopping - little switzerland. If you pay by cash you can save a bit more, but the prices are pretty good. Also if you have any problems when you return mainland with anything you purchase from them, they're really helpful.

    Must go to St John as others have suggested. Rent a jeep and tour the island, stop by Honeymoon bay (not only for honeymooners), Trunk bay can get crowded.

    Food - Bleuwater,Agave Terrace or Room with a View. And stop by a street vendor for some Johnnycakes or local saltfish and peas n-rice
  3. also you can take a ferry from st thomas over to west end Tortola.. then a short cab ride to the beaches at cane garden bay...
  4. We are staying at what they call Morningstar, which from what I can tell are the little villa houses.

    Thanks for all your tips and suggestions, I will be taking your notes with me :smile:
  5. you're welcome. if you have any other question feel free to PM me...
  6. would august be a good time to visit st. Thomas? And which sites should I go to for finding good deals for st. Thomas?
  7. The best time price-wise is when it's the hottest. I've always found that the deals on sites like priceline, hotwire etc. have so many restrictions on changing the details that I'd rather book directly.
    I've only ever gone with family to St. Thomas, and I'm pretty sure my parents used travel agents every time.
    Some sites that people I know use (I am always too paranoid about having to change something to book it there after reading all the fine print):

    Also, a lot of times the airlines themselves will have deals, especially if you sign up for their e-mail newsletters.
    Unfortunately, the week after I booked a flight the airline sent an e-mail advertising the same flight $800 cheaper, but for the next week.
    I always book flights first if not booking hotel and airfare together.
  8. Anytime is a good time to go to the Caribbean. But just remember August is hurricane season, so if you do plan to go during that time, get a package that includes hurricane season travel protection.
  9. We're going to st Thomas in July? Should we get a rental car? We got one when we went to Maui because it allowed us to travel around the island to different beaches & shops, but I'm not sure if it will be necessary in st Thomas.
  10. Unnecessary in St. Thomas.
  11. We were there about 3 wks ago. Shopping and food is great. Follow these ladies recommendations and you will have an amazing time. People are so friendly there and it is absolutely beautiful.
  12. I don't think it's unnecessary, especially if you don't want to be at the mercy of the taxi drivers or hotel shuttles. I think the Taxis are a rip off. When I lived there, going from one side of the island to the other cost me $1. But for tourist, it can easily run $20

    I say, get a Jeep and enjoy your vacation at your leisure.
  13. Thanks CuTe_ClasSy & DC-Cutie. We've decided to rent a car because I figured I'd rather have one and not need it, than need one and not have it. We tend to like to explore spontaneously & I do not have much patience for waiting for taxis / hotel shuttles. I also tend to get a bit claustrophobic if I feel like I am trapped somewhere - even if it is a beautiful resort. :smile:

    I'll report back on if it was needed or not.
  14. Just returned from St. Thomas and ultimately decided not to rent a car. Since we stayed at the ritz Carlton, which is in a VERY curvy road area, we were actually glad to leave the driving to the locals. I think the windy roads coupled with the left sided driving would have been beyond my abilities anyway. Taxis were easy to come by, but rates did not seem standardized at all.
  15. Make sure to go to Megans beach and have a bushwacker :smile: