St. Petersburg?

  1. Okay, a quickie, and then it's back to studying!

    I'm in talks to go to St. Petersburg University to study Russian in the months of June, July, and possibly August. I'll be living in a very basic dorm, possibly with one or two roomates; I'm not sure how secure they'll be, and I don't want to bring anything that'll encourage theft (I'm so-so about bringing my laptop along, and definitely not designer purses, I'm afraid!). As far as I can tell, I'll be spending most of my time studying, taking day-trips to neighbouring cities, and hitting nightclubs and restaurants (we're responsible for feeding ourselves).

    Question to people who've gone there:

    What kind of clothing should I bring, and in what quantities? Also, what's the fashion like over there? :smile:

    Specifically, I'm wondering about spring jackets. My friend, who lived in Russia when he was very young, tells me that it's about 10-15 degrees in June and July. Can anyone confirm this? Rain jackets? Suit jackets and camisoles? Puff downs and a heavy scarf? What's best?

    How about mini-skirts? Sandals? Flip-flops? Are any of these appropriate, or will I be freezing my buttocks off?

    Thanks! :smile: *back to studying*
  2. Well, I've been in St.Petesburg in autumn only, but 10-15 degrees in June-July it's not true, it's much wormer than that, around 20, sometimes 25 C, and might be really hot from time to time, it really depends. I can only say there might be some raining and the wind is rather chilly. I suggest you bring regular summer clithes plus rain jacket, a couple of cardigans, some blazer. It's chilly, but it's not Siberia, for God's Sake! So heavy scarf for summer is really funny! While sandals are totally appropriate.
    The fashion in Russian large cities now is like everywhere around the world, plus you'll find there the boutiques of all major brands, incl. LV, Chanel, Gucci-everything.
    It's really exciting to visit St.Petersbourg in summer, first the weather is the best, second you'll see the so-called White nights (I think in August, but I'm not sure), when there is virtually no night, I mean no darkness, all the night looks something like early evening.
    Enjoy your trip, it's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen, lots of palaces, museums, amazing churches and cathedrals.
  3. No on the puffy downs and heavy scarves! I visited St. Petersburg last summer and it was very warm. I was only there for a few days though, so this is just what I experienced. I needed a sweater for the mornings, but it got hot in the daytime. Certain days were breezy. Good weather for sandals. I know you are on the Celsius system, but my estimate would be that it ranged from 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit while I was there.

    Some of their tourist customs are a little strange though. The palaces are beautiful, but they make you wear surgical booties over your own shoes while viewing the palace so you don't scratch the hardwood floors. But none of the floors are original to the palace (they were mostly destroyed) :shrugs: . They also have separate viewing times for international tourists and Russian visitors. So sometimes we would have to wait outside of a palace until the designated "international visitors" time, or we would get rushed through the palace because it was time for Russian tourists to come through and our "designated" time slot was up.
    Hope you get to go, it'll be a great experience!
  4. I was in St. Petersburg in winter and it was gorgeous. But f to the reezing ( and i'm from Canada). In summer, IDK. I've been to finland in summer which is nearby so i'd have to say LAYERS and versatiles peices. Capris, light long sleves, sandals and sneakers. I found the weather varys a lot. Very differnt than continental weather