St. Paddy's Day outfits

  1. St. Paddy's Day is saturday! Anyone going out and what are you wearing? Green of course!
  2. HA, i 'M wearing a youth group green shirt for a retreat with my group of 26 . we never planned it- just so happened the kids picked a green shirt last year.
  3. Im going out... just not wearing green haha! Ive got an 18th party and its like a prince/princess theme so im wearing a red wrap around dress and patent black stills!
  4. haha im going to go tricky...jeans, top and green contats muhuhahahahahahahaa maybe ill throw in my green gucci heels justtttt to balance it out :smile:
  5. I'm going to a house party so I'll probably wear my green DVF silk top with some skinny jeans.
  6. haha anyways it doesnt matter what you wear its what you DRINK! :biggrin: as long as you drink like an irishman... and i suppose ill make up for lack of green with double the drinking :biggrin: lol
  7. hmmm i'll be out somewhere and i'm wearing my green/blue vintage DVF wrap.
  8. oooh- this thread is JUST what i've been looking for...

    I'm going to be going to a friend's bday party on St. Paddy's day, and St. Paddy's day is kind of evolving into the theme of the party.

    I need some outfit suggestions. I'm not a big "green" person normally, so I dont' have much of anything green in my wardrobe, and I'd probably have to go out and get something. I'd like to actually wear something green rather than just throwing in a green accessory-

    anyone have any ideas of how I can incorporate the color into an outfit? I don't want something blaring (i.e. no green dress and green shoes ensemble...), but still want to be festive. Also, the attire will probably be semi-casual, nothign too fancy. I'd preferably like something that's not too $$$, since I probably won't wear the green item that often.

    suggestions? TIA!
  9. I am definetely going out & drinking some green beer. I am wearing jeans & a great halter top.

    Yeppin: what about wearing a green belt or even a green scarf in your hair?

  10. Thanks, pisdapisda...after some thought, I think green accesories may be the way to go for me...I will look into that. Thanks!