St. Paddy's Day Green Perfo!!

  1. I'm rocking my green perforated speedy...anyone else showing green for this weekend???
  2. That would be so cute!
  3. Cute! I don't have any green Irish heritage will be my 'green', lol.
  4. great idea, wish I purchased the perfo speedy.
  5. Cool!!!
  6. Hmm probably my green striped top and my green Perfo pochette!
  7. That is such a good idea, that would be so cute!
  8. That's cool!
  9. Cute! Love green!! :supacool:
  10. That is so cute to wear the Green Perfo (wish I had one to wear). :love:
  11. Cute idea! too bad I don't have green bags :sad:

    It's gonna look SO cute tom.!
  12. If I had a green Perfo Cles, I would be rocking it... I'm just gonna wear a green Lacoste polo since it's my BIL's b-day tomorrow, we're all going to wear green.
  13. That is so cute i love green.
  14. I used my Apple green Balenciaga First & green Chanel wallet today. Sorry LV people:sad: I don't have any green LV (yet) I REALLY want either an Epi green cles or the perfo green cles.....:yes:

    Oh, and my toenails are bright green:p
  15. I'm taking my Chloe Edith out for a spin! No green LV yet for me either, but I would :heart: something in peppermint vernis! A girl can dream, right?