St. Maarten/ Chanel

  1. Hi everyone! I am heading to St. Maarten this week on a cruise. Does anyone know if the bags there are authentic? I am looking to purchase my first Chanel. Any help would be great, thank you!

    Andrea :yes:
  2. only if they're purchased in a Chanel boutique.
  3. ^ I am curious about this , too . My fiancee and I will be going there this winter . I was hoping it's cheaper there . I know some things are . I wonder if there is a Chanel Boutique there ? There has to be ....( thinking aloud)
  4. Googled "St. Maarten, Chanel" and it appears as though there may be a boutique there.
  5. ^ I think you get to due the tax free thing there ? Hey , aren't you on holiday ?
  6. The prices are basically the same.. But I doubt you will find a real chanel..
    They have weird stores...
  7. go on the chanel website and check international and do a store find..
    if they don't have a boutique, they will give you the info of an auth dealer
  8. I'm on the cruise about to go through 'Mustering'!