St. Louis

For reference, here's a size comparison between PM and GM. The St. Louis is very soft and slouchy so it'll shape to the body much more than these pictures show. Also, keep the shoulder drop in mind (especially for folks living with winters and winter coats). Measurements are from Fashionphile.

Red St. Louis PM
(18" x 10" x 5.75", Drop: 6")


Red St. Louis GM
(22" x 12.75" x 7", Drop: 7.5")

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Any of you ladies own a St. Louis GM and are 5'2" or shorter? I'm looking to get the GM, but I'm afraid of it looking too big on me. Also can someone tell me the USA price on the GM? Thanks!

I'm only 5'1" and wear the GM everyday in winter. I fold in the edges though, but more due to security reasons rather than looks