St Louis XXL - any owner can share impressions?

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  1. Hi ,
    I have found out Goyard has launched an XXL version of the St Louis. Looking into it but I am not finding a lot of info either on Goyard site or YT etc. Anyone who owns this bag in this forum?
    Apologies if a similar thread has been already opened and thank you in advance for pointing me to it. :smile:

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  2. I saw and tried it
    Super huge and deep
    More like for men or people with taller frame
    Too overwhelming in my opinion esp Asians
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  4. They have also launched XXL version of Artois a few weeks back.

    It was gigantic IMO

    But the SA explained to me that similar to Saint Louis XXL it was meant as a travel bag, not so much as a daily bag.
  5. So is the St. Louis xxl meant to be a travel bag and not a beach bag? Travel bags get weighed down and we all know the St. Louis doesn’t do well if it’s weighed down.
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  6. I tried it on in the boutique this summer as well. I found it sort of ridiculously big and I like big bags! Similar to the way the chanel XXL flap bag looks on just but even bigger. The handles did seem much thicker then what I have on my GM though. The SA I was working with did say it is truly a beach bag. I can't imagine putting anything more then a few beach towels in there. It looked very droopy even on display too. Personally not my style.
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  7. I’m petite, but I bought it as a travel tote. Yes, it’s way too big as an everyday bag, but is great for trips when you need to throw in last minute items, like a sweater and nick pillow for your flight, and if you need extra space for all your souvenirs on the return ;) I find the size similar to my large Longchamp travel bag...
  8. 59DF3D9C-544E-441C-862D-F0C3A22B95A6.jpeg Just carried it on a trip...fared well on the plane and was great for shopping. It’s very lightweight, but the straps are thick and reinforced, so it held a lot! The pouch is also larger, so held my passport, cards, cash, compact and lipstick. 2898DE12-E496-46C8-A19A-DA31DF977225.jpeg
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  9. I love it! Congratulations :flowers:
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  10. Thank you!
  11. Any modelling picture ?
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  12. I’ll take some tomorrow :smile:
  13. Bumping this thread, anyone else owns this size and can give more feedback?
    I want to order it but I’m not 100% sure yet.
    Thank you!