St louis totes & serial number location

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  1. I was just wondering if the new st louis bags have the serial number on the strap of the wallet attached? My bag doesnt have it, its on the wallet under the flap, but I saw a few pictures of st louis pm w the number on the string/strap thats attached to the wallet?
  2. It's located inside the attached pouch on both my my GMs.
  3. Fake :tdown:
    Always post bags for authentication!
  4. I bought my bag directly from Barney's in person in January and they took it out with all the plastic, tags, reveal, etc. My pouch does not have a serial number. The number is on the inside of the strap that folds over to attach to the pouch. I was told that they just got the bag in and it was part of a new shipment. Is it possible that they changed the location to keep counterfiters off their scent? I'm really hoping that Barney's did not sell me a fake...right?

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  5. how come mine is underneath the pouch and dustbag is orange not the usual yellow ? confused now..hahahha
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    I purchased mine from Barneys in Boston and the number is also on the inside of the strap of the pouch. I just called Goyard San Fran and he said it is on the inside of the pouch strap on the St Louis PM.
  7. I just checked my St. Louis and the serial is in the same place. I purchased it late December from Bergdorf's.
  8. Yup, I stand corrected. Bags produced in late 2009 now have the it on the pochette strap. It's a shame bc it used to only be fakes that would have it :lol:

    Would u guys mind posting or PMing pics (watermarked please) of the inside of your pochettes including the heatstamps? I would love to have some of these newer bag pics for reference!
  9. I think it's not wise to discuss this on the forum since such information could also benefit the counterfeiters.
  10. Yes they do seem to be here:nuts:
  11. I think you might need to start your own thread. Never seen an orange or yellow dust bag.

    I bought my white GM in 2009 and the stamp is inside the pouch. Do we know when in 2009 they made the change?
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    Late 2009, but as mentioned above it should probably not be discussed anymore to avoid problems.
  13. I'm assuming since I bought mine from Barney's, I have nothing to worry about, but mine is on the little pouch flap. When would it have been made?
  14. Mine is also on the inside of the pouch flap.I bought it just last month from Goyard London.
  15. Seems the serial nos. come both ways. My noir/noir St. Louis PM was purchased from Paris boutique summer of 2008 and the serial no. is embossed on the bottom of the flap interior. My jaune/jaune St. Louis PM was purchased from Barneys Beverly Hills last week of Jan 2010, and the serial no. is embossed on the pochette strap.