St. Louis Tote has a tear

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  1. Hi all. I'm so sad about this. I've only had my St.Louis tote for little over a year. I recently discovered it had a small tear (picture attached) on the side, near the bottom of the bag. I know they fix corners so I took it into Goyard, here in Chicago. The salesperson AND manager said there is nothing they can do about a tear, that they don't repair or patch them. So disappointed, mostly in their customer service. I rarely use it and it lives in its bag when stored. I just find their answer to be disappointing considering this isn't a cheap bag. It will most likely be my last Goyard as I can get a full leather tote at Tod's for the same price. Anyone have this happen? How did you handle it? Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you, I would also be very disappointed with that customer service. Seeing as though they won't repair it and at the moment the tear is quite small would it be possible to take it to a bag/shoe repair place? Maybe they could put a tiny patch over it to prevent it from getting any bigger? Considering it's near the bottom of the bag it probably won't be noticeable to anyone but you.

    I know things like this are very disappointing, particularly when a bag has hardly been used, I can understand your frustration.

    Let us know how you go.
  3. That is a good idea. I just love the bag but feel so let down. Thanks for the advice and support!
  4. Another couple of thoughts - if there is another Goyard store in the area you could take it there and try and speak to a different manager but I know there aren't many of these stores around. Could you maybe call another one of their stores and speak to someone just to get a second opinion? It might be worth a try. I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread about a business somewhere in the States that repairs high end bags, maybe you could do a search? I can't remember their name.
  5. Good call. I did a quick Google search and found a local place. We'll see what happens. With it being that canvas and all...not sure how that will work. Thanks again!
  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you. But the Goyard customer service actually cannot do anything. It's not a reparable defect like a cracking handle. It's a tear in the body of the bag. I think you should try to find a way to repair it yourself as it's small and not threatening at all (i think no risk of cracking or so). And for sure you can have a full leather tote at Tod's for the St Louis price. But it's far from being the same quality...
  7. Although I have this bag in black and did have the corners added in leather by Goyard, I didn't have any issue with the other seams. I did have a similar issue with a YSL Muse bag and I had my shoe repair take the entire bottom up about 3/4" which solved the problem completely. The decreased size didn't show at all.
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  8. I liked your OP in support.

    I will not be buying Goyard after hearing about your experience. It's a real shame that they will not repair your bag within +/- years time. They should stand behind their product, esp given the price they sell it at.

    It's too fragile yet they won't help you. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. TY for sharing. They lost my business.
  9. I'm sorry but I just can't believe what I heard. Do you call that a "tear " ?!

    This has NOTHING to do with quality. Having such a small tear on the bottom of the bag after one year of use looks like normal wear and tear to me, or probably a damage done by yourself.

    What do you seriously expect ? That's a bag. It's basically made to carry things. It's meant to be used. That's not a jewel that stays in its box and never see the light.

    And the guy who says "I'll never buy anything from them". Well, you're right, that's probably just not for you.
  10. this sounds a little like victim blaming.

    And yes, I stated Goyard isn't for me because their products are too fragile. Thank you for restating an obvious point
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  11. Please don't judge Goyard only based on the negative elements you read about the Saint Louis, because you will miss out on a beautiful brand. They have much more products of great quality, which are not fragile at all. ;)
  12. Brilliant idea!
  13. Call Brooks Shoe Service. They came highly recommended by my SA at Chanel Michigan Ave. Good luck!
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    OP, I am so sorry. This is absolutely awful. The Saint Louis, however, seems to be a bag with absolutely awful quality/design. It seems like it just wasn't designed properly based on everyone's posts on here.
  15. Absolutly not. As i've already said, St Louis is fragile for two reasons. First its canvas. Still handprinted, much thinner than LV. I can already see the pattern fading on my 3-4 months old items that have been gently used. Then the style itself. It's a bag with no lining, no structure, thin handles. So it will basically be more prone to have problems than other Goyard structured handbags. If you want a workhorse, then go for Marquises, Saïgon, etc. Goyard products have flaws and that's why I love them. People who think a $1000 bag should never ever have any flaw should probably stop buying luxury goods. At least handpainted ones.
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