St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. Me too! Haha I was so relieved when it came off. The cracking isn't bad enough to get it reglazed yet. Do these issues with the Saint Louis bag bother you at all?
  2. That's a good question, I think the answer is - it depends on how quickly I start to see the bag age. I just got my bag on Sunday (black/black GM) and have used it every day since then with no problems so far. But this site and the stories shared have terrified me. Despite the premature aging I read on this forum, I decided to get the bag and take a chance. But I am not someone that wants my bag to look new forever. If my bags handles started to crack within only a few months or just after a few days of use, or the Goyard print started to rub off within a few months - then yes, I would be 'really' upset. But if it starts to show wear after say like 6 months, I don't think I would care. It's like a brand new car - the first scratch is painful and then it just becomes part of the car, a story.

    I see used Hermes bags, and unglazed LV bags, and Goyard bags that are aging with holes in the corners and I actually love the way it looks. I have a longchamp bag that is 10 years old that has holes in the corners and I just love it (ok yes it is slightly cheaper than Goyard, lol!). Before I bought my bag, I saw a woman carrying a Goyard PM and I started to talk to her. Her bag is four years old and it had aged - and it just looked great!
  3. Haha I totally agree. It's true the first scratch always hurts and then you get over it!

    I love my yellow bag but I almost wish I got a more season-neutral color because I don't think I'm going to buy another, or at least yet. Thinking it might be best to diversify my bag collection before I double-up!
  4. I think yellow is gorgeous, I hope you continue to enjoy your Goyard, despite and wear it may show :smile:
    Yes, diversifying is always a good idea.

    I am thinking, if I enjoy my St Louis, I may go for the Bellechasse next. It's double the money but more substantial. Time will tell.....
  5. I am currently in Toronto, is there a store in Toronto that sells Goyard?
  6. Has anyone pinpointed weather or not the GM or the PM tends to have more issues w the corners?
  7. There's no difference b/w sizes when it comes to cracking or corners
  8. I am in Toronto as well, and there are no stores that sell Goyard. Holt Renfrew carried it for a very very short time approx 10 years ago. You would have to go to the US or Europe to purchase your bag.
  9. Does anyone know if the burgundy color is prone to cracking/glazing issues on the handles?
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