St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. I'm wondering if climate has anything to do with the issue as well -- maybe if the bag is stored in a drier environment, the handles are more likely to crack?

    I have a black one from around 2010 and it does have cracking on the handles (noticed about a year after purchasing), even though I do not carry it often. When I do use it, I never carry that much in it (wallet, small umbrella, and small make-up bag). I do have to echo an earlier comment that even though the handles have cracked, they haven't gotten worse, which leads me to think that it is more of a paint issue rather than with the handles themselves. Maybe if I had "conditioned" the painted areas, it would have made it more malleable. Just a thought....

    I still love mine very much. It's softened to a slouchy style that I love. I would still consider buying another one even with the handle issue.
  2. I am so glad i found this thread! My handles started cracking and I am devastated! They are cracking at the base And at the top of the bag

    I live in Paris, so it will be easier to get repaired, but I still dont understand why they continue to sell a bag with this defect..

    One of the reasons I bought my St. Louis is because when I first moved to Paris, I saw several chic French women loading GROCERIES into their matching set (ok- fine- I was in the 16th!) and i thought "hrrmmm- if that bag is THAT versatile- I must have one!"

    Just to be clear- I have NEVER carried groceries in my St. Louis- its just a day to to day bag- with only one or two usages as a carryon purse (loaded with my normal stuff plus water and magazines..)

    My large is bright blue with handles cracking, but on my smaller St. Louis (brown with tan) i had significant color transfer from my denim to the side sealant (that gets cracked)- has anyone else experienced this same edging substance picking UP dye?

    I really want to get rid of both of them at this point. :nogood:
  3. I've been carrying my GM for 20 days straight and have had no issues yet. Fingers crossed..
  4. Does any one have any issues with the material on the handles shredding/rubbing off? My 1 month old St Louis has bits if it flaking off in little pieces. Never overload it, use infrequently maybe 3x a week of light use, mostly in the car and in and out of places, not much actual carrying.
  5. hi everyone! i too have a black SL GM and have noticed some slight cracking at the base of each handle. i'm not too worried for now as the cracks seem superficial, but i'm worried that this might become an issue in the longer term. to the ladies who also have seen cracks - do you think this actually impacts usage of the bag? as in does it mean the strap really is coming OFF of the bag, or are the cracks just cosmetic? TIA ! :biggrin:
  6. Hi there! Do you know for sure that it's just the sealant? If it's the straps itself that are detaching, then I might consider proactively replacing the handles! TIA
  7. Has anyone applied new sealant to the cracked corners of their straps?
  8. I bought my St.Louis Pm last 2013 from Bergdorf Goodman and so far I don't see any cracking on the handles. I use a Samorga organizer and I've never folded it since I got it. The reviews here on the purse forum makes me paranoid that one day I'll see the cracking so I tend to baby my St. Louis. Now I'm kinda on the fence on having personalization done on this bag cuz it costs at least $300 when I called Neiman Marcus (Beverly Hills):sad:(
  9. I have a black on black. I lightly use it on weekends. At the end of the day, I enjoy using it. I bought it at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. I would love for my bag to not have cracks or wear within such a short amount of time. When I asked the SA about how to repair the bag should cracked handles occur, the SA said to bring it in and they will repair it. I love that that is an option. I got my LV Neverfull handles replaced and they look great. I absolutely "enjoy" the bag.
  10. Hi all! My handles are cracking and look really bad. I will be in NYC in mid November. Does anyone know the replacement cost and turn around time. Any info is much appreciated.
  11. HOW have they not improved the quality of this bag? I find that shocking... Clearly MANY people have issues with it
  12. Hi I just got my GM in Black and Tan and was surprised by how thick the handles were. I've had an LV Neverfull MM In monogram and the handles are very light and I've had it for 5 years without a problem. But I just got my Goyard and the first thing I noticed was that the straps are very thick so maybe that's why they're cracking? I don't know if I should keep it now after seeing this thread. And get an LV GM NF instead...
  13. Hi, I have a question - has anyone noticed paint rubbing off on your St Louis GM or PM when worn over your shoulder and it rubs against your clothing? I am wondering because I just got a GM and used it today, walking for about half hour. I have no damage done, but as I was walking I noticed my bag was rubbing against my coat with every step. I am wondering if that will cause the Goyard print to fade or rub off? TIA
  14. I wore my yellow Saint Louis GM against a black romper and the dye from my romper rubbed off on my bag! I was so upset but tried rubbing the black on my bag with a non-alcoholic baby wipe and got most of it off. Also, I've only worn my Goyard bag a few times and the handles are already cracking. So disappointing. I love how light and easy this bag is to carry, and I always love seeing girls carrying other colors, but I don't think I'll buy another one because of these quality issues...
  15. I'm sorry to hear that, and I also would be upset if my handles cracked after carrying it only a few times. Have you considered getting it reglazed? As for the color transfer, this is the concern I have with all of my light colored bags. I get color transfer a lot when I wear light bags that rub against my clothing which is why I tend to choose when I wear these bags, and nowadays I purchase darker bags. I'm glad you were able to get most of the color removed.
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