St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. now i'm scared, my husband just me a St. Louis GM in red, now thinking about returning it
  2. Don't worry, enjoy your bag! It's gorgeous! :flowers:
  3. No, don't be scared! Hopefully my bag was just one of a few defects. The St Louis seems to be working out for most people. Enjoy your new beauty! :smile:
  4. I got my white St. Louis PM from Paris and it's starting to show slight cracks... I bought it in July last year, but have only worn it ~15 times I'd say. My much older Okinawa Tote (bought in summer 2006) has thicker, black handles and the paint is slightly cracking on one handle as well, showing the leather underneath. I guess their products simply don't last as well as LV, but it's not worrying me yet.
  5. My first St. Louis was sold due to the infamous handle cracking, but I gave in and bought another about 5-6 months ago to carry for the summer.

    I used the heck out of it and tossed it about with no ill result, at least not yet. I plan on buying another if I can ever decide on a color. Mine came from Goyard San Francisco.

    Over time I think handle cracking can be expected, but I've simply decided I don't care as I love the flexible canvas and bright waxy colors. Reminds me of crayons. :smile:
  6. i love it. you are absolutely right.
  7. I bought a st. Martin in orange before and the handles cracked as well. I had it repaired at goyard san francisco and they replaced it free of charge. After which, it didn't peel again ever (hopefully for forever)
  8. I heard about this issue as well, apparently it is quite common for the St Louis.
  9. I just got my St Louis GM in black/tan a week ago in Tokyo and have been using it everyday since, and i'm already starting to see cracks on the handle parts! i'm heartbroken. And i do think most of us shoulder the bag as it is most convenient for our hands to be free, and the arching of the handles could inevitably cause the cracks in the sealant.

    I hope when the goyard store opens in Singapore, they will not charge for replacing or repairing the handles due to wear and tear.
  10. sorry your beautiful bag is having this problem. i hope goyard takes care of it for you-
  11. I was looking at Goyard bags at Barneys in New York a few weeks ago and I asked the SA about the cracking handles problem on the St. Louis. Her response was very matter of fact, "Well, that's because they're painted." She pretty much sounded as though it's a common and accepted thing by Goyard, and really wasn't a big deal.
    That prompted me to pass on buying the St. Louis that day.
  12. Hi Everyone! Before I begin 'venting' about my Goyard mishaps I would like to say I do love the St. Louis for its practicality and appearance. The handles did crack but my real problem was the dye staining my clothes (within a year of purchase).

    Has anyone else encountered the staining issue? I'm waiting to hear back about a second exchange. I think I would give it one more go and perhaps switch to a lighter color, but after this time I'm so DONE.

    My fiance thinks I'm nuts for trying (he thinks this is completely unacceptable quality control for a supposed luxury brand), but since moving to Boston I've ruled out leather bags for everyday use because of the weather and how heavy leather gets for daily commutes....

    So sorry my FIRST POST has to be about a negative purse experience! :shucks:
  13. Hi, just curious.. Is this cracking problem only at St. Louis bag ? I am thinking to get sac hardy tote. Are they using the same handle ? Thanks.
  14. This cracking strap issues giving me second thoughts of getting a GOYARD SL GM.
  15. Now that's really bad! Yikes. :wtf:

    Mine is a bright color and I used it all summer with white pants, white skirt, and other light colors without any dye transfer. I don't think it ever rained when it was carried.
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