St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. I have several Goyard totes that I use heavily, but no cracks at all despite me throwing kitchen sink in it. Wonder if recent quality has gone down?
  2. I just ordered a black one. I really pray hard my handle won't get cracked so fast! Is Goyard going to improve their quality? I'm sure they have heard a lot of complaint before.
  3. I have had several St Louis totes and have experienced cracking over time on the handles. I decided to shift to a Sac Hardy and yet have experienced handles cracking on the third time that I have used it. :nogood: I am used to it though and kind of expected it to happen based on past experiences with several totes. Mind you, I don't even put my laptop nor ipad on it. But, it does its job so I don't worry too much about it. :smile:
  4. I have a new St Louis and one that was given to me by a family member that did not want it any longer. I don't have any problems with either handles. I use the older one more than I do the new one. What time frame are these problems (like pre 2004 or after 2009) Just wondering.
  5. I just received my new one in black, PM. I will be careful and gentle on it. Really pray hard it can last longer! I like it. It's a beautiful piece!
  6. I have a red PM and my straps are cracked too. :'( that already after half a year, i think... Does anybody know how much it will cost me, if I go to paris and let them change it for me?
    It's not so bad to live in Europe :smile: Paris is just not that far away...
    But, yes, it's just soooooooo annoying....
  7. I bought my St. Louis gm in white back in 2011 and has been using it almost daily during summer. The cracks started to show after about half year of use, I was pretty upset, but till now I really have to say its not worsen much from that point! I don't think the handles will break or anything. But I still think probably in another 2-3 years I'm gonna get the handles replaced(it's white purse so it gets yellow over time). I don't think people should freak out about it. It's a light weight great purse, I love it! And not to mention I'm so happy I got it when it's still pretty reasonably priced!
  8. So from everything I've read, it seems like the black cracks less? Do we know why?

    ALSO: Most (maybe everyone?) who has said their strap cracked didn't get their bag from the Paris store... I just went though the forum and it seems that whenever someone said their bag cracked they had purchased it from the SF store or Barneys.

    Are the bags purchased in Paris not cracking? Does Goyard have different production facilities?
  9. Wow, I've dragged mine to at least 15 countries since I bought it from Bergdorfs last year and I haven't noticed any cracks at all. This thing has been shoved into suitcases and under seats of planes, trains, boats, helicopters and even crumpled into the case on the back of a Peugeot scooter. This thing is indestructible! Though the attached coin purse thing constantly gets detached from the leather strap...that's my only complaint..mine is black with black trim, sz GM.

    I should also add that I use it daily and usually load it down pretty heavily -- 15in laptop, iPad, several notebooks and books. I guess it's just luck of the draw on quality?
  10. Well, my black GM has one cracked strap (not just the coating, but a real deep crack into the leather of the strap/handle so it feels destabilized...) It appeared about 9 months after I got it (from the London store).
  11. i do have a GM .. bought it last April...
    It went thru thick and thin with me through several countries and I NEVER take good care of it..
    not even the slightest bit..
    It is commonly used a my li'l babe's diaper bag as well...
    I dig through it...PULLEd my stuff out when the hook got stuck etc etc etc....

    I can only say...........

    I'm PROUD to be a Goyard St Louis GM owner........ =)

    It's SOoooooo light and hardy!
  12. nice- good to hear-
  13. just when i was set in getting a saint louis that i see such a problem with the sealant. hmmm... searching for another alternative. :smile:
  14. Sad to report my Goyard St Louis GM (bought over a year ago at Bergdorf's) in bordeaux has two straps cracking--one more than the other. I'd hardly call this my everyday bag. It's been sitting in its dust bag for a while (like at least six months), unused. I just unearthed it today for a trip. Pretty bummed about this quality issue. I'll search for a local expert to re-seal the affected strap ends, I suppose. Really disappointed. Apologies for the not-so-sharp photo. On a moving train.

  15. Awww, not from BG! That's where I got my GM black/black. As someone pointed out earlier, it seems that bags that are not in constant/regular use seem to be having the issues. I've beat mine to heck and back and it's still beautiful and crack free (*knock on wood*). Maybe the regular use softens the leather straps and keeps it from cracking? No...that doesn't strike me as making much sense...