St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. My opinion has nothing to do with me being "new!". That's a silly comment to make since we all were new at some point, lol! Besides, if you have over 70 pieces as you claim, and your very first Goyard was bought in 2011, elledgedly, then you shouldn't have any problems because you have so many to choose from! Smh!
  2. Yes, severed from the body of the bag. I'm a student and used to carry my laptop in it, and it was probably my fault for it happening, but I don't use it has a tote I can throw everything in anymore (like I imagine I could with an LV neverfull).
  3. I am really sad to see cracks on my Goyard, St. Louie. But I am saddest that a fellow teacher in my school uses her bag everyday but there is no crack whatso ever. WHy is this happeneing. :sad:
  4. My Black/Tan St. Louis has had cracks on the handles only 1 year after i bought it. I use it all the time because it was the reason why i got it in the first place, to be my everyday bag. And for the cost of the bag, i sure did think it would serve its purpose for a long time. Now, after less than 2 years, the handles have gotten worse and i am super terrified to use it as it might break completely! i don't know what to do with it! i honestly don't want to hate this bag, i love it so much but what has happened to it makes me very disappointed and frustrated! Goyard is not all "good quality" after all. My GUCCI tote is way older but is in far better shape.

    I will try to post photos of my bag.
  5. GOYARD St. Louis -cracked/broken handles

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  6. It's not really how long you've owned a bag, it's how you use the bag. To be honest, if you have used it everyday or almost everyday for a year then normal wear and tear is going to occur. Unfortunately with the St Louis, "normal" wear and tear is cracking of the handles. It's not normal for other brands and shouldn't be normal considering the price, but it is what it is for this style. Do you carry a lot? Do you bend the handles down into the bag when not in use?? I am very careful to keep the handles of my St Louis totes from dropping down into the bag and stand them up when I set the bag down. I take my Navy GM to the gym quite a bit and load it up with bulky items but am super careful with the handles. It's held up fine since I bought it in December, 2011; however, I was aware of the handle cracking problem from this forum and made it a point to be careful/cautious. I also wonder if the amount of time being carried has anything to do with it. Mine goes from the house to the car to the gym where it sits until I am done with my workout, then back to the car and house. It isn't being carried for a long period of time which leads me to believe that longer periods of carrying the bag may place stress on the handles and cause the sealant to crack.

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    I did carry it a lot with me, like i said, it was meant to be my everyday bag. I was and still am very careful with it though. In the car, i'd cover it with a jacket or anything when the sun is out and too hot, same thing when it rains- i'd rather get wet than the bag! When i know i've packed it full (which is not often at all), i usually support the base of the bag with my arm and hand, i am paranoid like that. And it's been a conscious effort never to bend the handles- it's definitely a No-no. When i don't use it, i fill it with sheets so it would stay up making sure that the handles are not bent--i keep the bag in my closet so the handles rest on the wall on one side and the other side is supported by the hanged clothes. I really can't say that just because i've used it well in the last two years, it's money well spent. It's not. I never thought my St. Louis would only last me 2 years. I decided to invest in it believing that it would be worth the price. I didn't think a Goyard bag could fall apart so soon! :sad: You mentioned you purchased yours in Dec, 2011, i got mine in 2010 --i wonder if the quality of the handles has improved overtime.
  8. I wonder if conditioning the handles would be helpful. Thoughts?

    Ive been lurking here for a few days bc i am considering a new spring bag- i was initially thinking a neverfull pm in damier azur, but i love the goyard monogram!! Now im leaning back towards the neverfull
  9. I'm thinking of having it reinforced too, will it prevent from breaking the stitch of the bottom bag? According to my local bag repair shop, the common problem of St. louis that was brought to them was the stitches broke at the bottom, so the bottom split open, due to heavy stuffs I guess.
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    That's what I also thought! I tried this with Apple conditioner, but mine's too late the cracks hardened and I read somewhere that conditioning might cause sticky handles (ooops) so the last thing I've decided on was to have the handles resealed :/ the outcome was great though! I'll post pics of before and after pics soon.
  11. Here's the before and after pictures.

    Sorry for the crappy photos, took it with my phone.

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  12. Omg looks great!!! Did you have it done by goyard?
  13. It is! I was really amazed too! and the sealant doesn't have that shiny plastic-y feel anymore, it made the handles look brand new:graucho: I had it made in our local bag spa, they're really good at resealing. I had the bag cleaned also, exterior/ interior and ask them to color revive it, the bag is kinda dull looking already. Not that expensive too, spent around 70$
  14. I used to stay in an apartment about a block from the Paris Goyard store, but ended up getting my St. Louis from the SF store. After about a year and a half the base of the straps all cracked, and not just the sealant, but looks deep into the leather as well. Mine is red, and it wore well with no other damage for all this time. I emailed the SF store and they insisted it was the sealant and said it would cost $150 and take three months. I have had LV and Chanel fix such obvious defects for free, so am very disappointed. This was my first foray into the Goyard bags, but don't find them nearly as durable as LV, and probably more durable than Chanel, but such built-in problems will ensure I don't buy another Goyard.
  15. I have a LV Neverfull, too and it is probably a stronger choice if you get the dark handles, like in the Daumier. All the LV handles are sturdy, and if their sealant eventually breaks, it doesn't harm the sturdy straps and can easily be revealed by any competent shoemaker. The reason I suggest the Daumier instead of the monogram is that the natural color handles of the monogram always discolor where you hold it, no matter what. A long time ago I learned the secret of coating all natural color leather trim and handles of the monogram bags with mink oil, and it keeps stains and grease off an extent.