St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. It's the sealant that cracks not the actual strap, Ive beat mine to DEATH overloading it for overnight work trips with clothing, my laptop, toiletry bag etc and shoved it underneath the seat it front of me when flying and it's still my go to bag when I've a lot to pack and want an unstructured bag. I'll eventually replace the handles and have the corners reinforced but it's my most used Goyard and I'm so glad to have it and I bought another one just before the huge price increase.
  2. Yes you're totally right. But I've been reading here in the Goyard forum that Goyard won't replace the handles for free, which I think should be included for such a brand. But if it's your "go-to-bag" I guess it can be worth it :smile:
  3. Hi Cari284

    I'm torn on this subject as well its kind of a design flaw of the bag as posted before on the G forum but in my own opinion I see the cost of replacing the handles and having the corners reinforced as refurbishment so I personally don't mind. I have had my own issues with G in the past the color on my Croisiere handles ran and they ended up replacing them and offered to pay for my dry cleaning but then did nothing about the peeling leather piping; so the few next years I avoided buy any bag with the piping or taking extra special care of using any bag that had piping. I still love the brand and have purchased many other bags and slg's, I love that it's still only available in 15 (soon to be 16) locations worldwide and isn't on every arm in the sea of LV. Now if only they had more new models but understand that isn't their style......

    PS Cari284 you have the most beautiful reveals on tPF

  4. Ah I feel exactly the same. I want to get a new Goyard so so bad but I don't have the energy for any more hassle. But I truly love them, and the fact that they aren't that common as you say :yes:

    Thank you so much!

  5. image-946844489.jpg


    This are the only stuff I carry with my SL PM, I seldomly use this also.. My first and last Goyard!! :sad:
  6. I was speaking to a SA at barney's and she told me those cracks are to be expected and the handle isn't breaking or being torn it's just the paint that is cracking
  7. Well, well... I feel exactly the same as you do although I've never bothered to try to contact them but whether it be because of the weather condition or how we use it, the paint/sealant still shouldn't crack considering the amount we've spent for this bag!! Shouldn't they be RECALLING this model instead? I don't understand but it seems as if the quality of these stuff we spend our money on are starting to deteriorate yet we still keep on buying them? =(

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  8. So, I've had my St. Louis sitting in my closet in its dust cover these last two weeks. I took it out to use today and noticed cracking!!! I got the bag a month and a half ago! The worst part is, the cracking didn't happen while I was carrying it, but rather when it was sitting unused in my closet! And I don't carry a lot either. Co workers and friends always make fun of me for carrying large bags with nothing in them...I love this bag though. I just hope I can still get a lot of life out of it.:cry:
  9. I actually brought my pink GM St. Louis out for a 7 days trip, to and fro the airport and even stuffing it to the brink for a 2 days getaway and the straps are still perfectly fine. It's probably not happening to every St. Louis but I do recommend carrying the bag more regularly. It's like shoes, leave it unworn for many months and the soles can come off at your first wear. The sealant may become too hardened, inflexible and crack.
  10. I'm sorry but Goyard needs to recognize and correct the problem. I have a LV Mahina along with other LV accessories, and they show NO sign of wear and tear. I know the handles on the Mahina are stiffer so maybe that is why it still looks perfect after all these years. However, if your going to command a premium price for an item that has structural problems, at the very least it should be repaired FREE of charge. That to me shows that you stand behind your product and you are a reputable company. To me it just seems like the brand is more concerned about turning a profit; especially with the rapid price increases. Goyard needs to get it together, people are spending their hard earned money for a product in which, price suggest should last a life time. Eventually, customers will get tired of poor quality and will not buy.
  11. Not for nothing but, these SA's need to stop making excuses for the bag. You can't claim that it is strong and then say that you have to expect the handles to crack at the same time.
  12. You mentioned in the other thread that you took the bag back? Which is it?
    The bag you showed wasn't a bag bought by you, it was one you bought used, very used in your case. Anytime a bag is mistreated and pushed to the limit, you can expect it to not hold up. You also mentioned in another thread that you planned on buying another Goyard. If anything, you should re read what you post, as none of it makes sense, and your constantly contradicting yourself.
  13. What problem would that be? Another new poster. This is too much;)
    I have over 50 pieces of Goyard, none of which have issues.
  14. The strap on my St Louis PM actually did break off last year after having my bag for about two years. It took 6 months for them to replace (had to send the bag to Paris) and they charged me $150. Don't overload your bags!
  15. Really?! Can I clarify if it was actually severed from the body of the bag ("break off") or just the rubber seal cracking? I've had mine for about the same time and have had no issues with it except for the cracking.