St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. Anyone who has a Pink st louis who has a problem like this....?
  2. this is a great info and comments. At least now i would be aware of my St. Louis PM in case my handle had some crack too. tnxs. :amuse:
  3. Lululo, so are they just giving you the bag without fixing the sealant? or can you request them to fix the sealant (or replace the strap altogether) with a charge? Did they tell you how much would that be?
  4. I've had my St. Louis for 4 years and although I never noticed if the sealant cracked so early on as a few months into use; the bag is quite durable. I pretty much abuse it with groceries, books, gym clothes, totally weighing it down. Some of the paint on the straps have worn off, but its still 100% intact. My only problem with the bag is that it has bore holes on the bottoms corners from so many years of wear. I would buy another St. Louis without hesitation.
  5. Oh dear, y'all are making me so paranoid now.
  6. I honestly think this is definitely a quality issue that varies w/ batches. For example, I noticed some cracking and difference w/ amount of resin betwen the leather accessories. But to be honest, for that much $$$, one expects perfection.
  7. Same thing happened to my fidji though I think I have overload it since I'm using it when traveling:sad:
  8. sorry for the late reply

    hikarupanda-i didn't actually bring the bag in physically as i live in canada. i just emailed the pictures i took to my SA

    as my SA at the SF store just replied it was normal wear and tear, he didn't really offer any option of fixing the sealant on the cracks and such so i'm just letting it go. i have no idea how much it could cost. anyone else knows???
  9. I've had my white goyard St. Louis tote for over a year and I noticed sealant cracking. I'm worried that it'll break so wear it less frequently now. Guessing I need to be more conscious of how much weight I put inside the bag. I'm disappointed because I love the tote, and now I feel like I can't wear it as often.
  10. oh no! i wished i read this thread before purchasing a St. Louis. it's on its way and i'm already thinking of sending it back :shucks:
  11. I have no probs with my straps but instead on the bottom lining of the bag it looks worn out already.. I load many stuffs in it wd my bag organizer
  12. The straps won't break, they're tough but they will wear and they're more delicate than you'd think.
  13. No they wont break, but they do crack. And they shouldn't crack when you spend that amount of money on a bag.
  14. ^^I agree! At least I know I will still get a lot of life out of my bag, even if the handles crack...
  15. I want one of these totes so bad but to spend the $$ and have issues with it...that scares me a bit.
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