St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. wow i'm seriously thinking of going tomorrow and getting one.. i mean i dont know if i will do that because of the pics i dont use my bags that much niether stuff them with things but i want to buy sth that will last!.. i'll ask the sales lady in the boutique when i go n will let you know
  2. Yours is pretty bad, mine has similar crack on one side but it's def. not as bad as yours...but I really think for St. Louis is almost inevitable that there will be cracks eventually on the sealant b/c as the bag gets softer and drapes more due to regular use (even if you don't overload it), the leather straps will also soften up yet the sealant won't, hence the cracks...
  3. wow quite bad and the LVs too. I had an experience with Prada ,the parachute material, after a few months maybe 5 the maximum, the inner pocket that come with a zip, the threads started running out and it was so bad that I cant zip properly cos all the threads would gones into the zipper, so I sent it back to Prada for recondition. After I took it back, the same happened again in couples of month later and I resent it in again and this time the SA said should I send it back again the third time, they will charge me..THAT IS THE BEGINNING OF ME FROM BUYING ANYMORE PRADA!
    But after seeing LV, I think all these branded shops are started taking us for a ride!
  4. Would you guys think the quality of St Louis straps has something to do with the colour? I know people who own darker colour St louises e.g. brown & black and they never had problems like cracked straps.

    I got one in black not so long ago and personally think it's quite sturdy:smile:
  5. The sales lady should be the last person you wanna talk to when it comes to this kind of problem. She'll definitely talk you into buying one...
  6. I think it may have to do with the color. I have a white GM where the cracks are so severe that the strapes have actually begun to tear. It's a matter of time before they tear completely off - I just hope I'm not too far from home when that happens.

    Combined with the holes that have worn through the corner of the bag, I've chaulked this up to an expensive lesson. As much as I like Goyard, I will stick to other brands from now on.

  7. Interesting....yea, I do think the bag is sturdy in general. The only problem I see on mine is the sealant on the strap. Not the leather itself...the leather strap itself seems fine. Only the sealant on the side is cracking. So maybe the black sealant is more flexible so as the bag and the leather strap soften up it won't crack??
  8. I have a black PM and the handles are cracking already. I have now put it on bedrest in the closet for fear it gets ruined even more. Has anyone heard back from Goyard about what they can do and why this is happening? I had mine for about 8 months...
  9. I had the exact same problem.

    I had my bag for 2 months and the handles cracked. So I brought the bag to BH Barneys and had them look at it. The SA told me that is very common issue and they don't fix it at the store nor at the SF store. So they sent my bag to the Paris store to repair. They installed a new pair of handles for me. It was free of charge but I waited for 7 months.
  10. I found out the original straps will be easy to crack after 1/2 year used; since one time, i putted my St. Louis into the drawer of the cabinet where i work; i was closed the drawer without notice the handles still pended out later the handle were cracked... I was heart breaking :crybaby:. After a year later, i went to Paris and i had the handles replaced in 233 Rue St. Honoré so, i spent about 230 euro. It came out the new handles were much stronger but after a year later it started to ruined a bit but still better than the original one.
  11. hey everyone

    here's my update-i hadn't heard anything for 2 weeks so i emailed my SA in SF and then he said paris sees it just as normal wear and tear. the straps itself are intact but it's the glazing (sealant?) that's affected. however, that will not affect the integrity of the straps itself. perhaps color has something to do with it but i didn't ask as mine is bright blue and some members have suggested the blacks don't seem to have this problem as often
  12. I've had my St. Louis GM in bordeaux.. for about a year now.. After reading this post - i checked mine out - so far so good! i use it as a diaper bag and my travel tote.. so i'm pretty hard on it when i travel with 3 kids. So.. from now on, i guess i'll just have to be careful and watch how i sling it over chairs etc..
    On another note.. my hubby has an LV wallet and packs it wth receipts/ cards etc.. the sealant broke and we took it to LV - they took it back - resealed it and now it looks brand new.. I have a Dior messenger - 3x the straps broke while i was travelling..etc. so they took it back each time and repaired it.. for now its good.
    (sigh).. but i'm on my goyard kick now.......... so i'll pray that my straps dont break if i can help it.. keep us posted.. '
  13. I would expect some problems like this from LV, but Goyard ? Then again those ST Louis always looked a bit flimsy for the price you pay
  14. For what it's worth, my LV pieces have been MUCH more durable than my Goyard bag.
  15. So with this in mind (for those who has had this problem), would you still buy a the St. Louis all over again?

    I'm thinking about buying a St. Louis in white. I've had a similar problem with the LV Neverfull in Damier because of the glazing.. But this time I would know what I get myself into before purchasing one.