St Louis Strap Cracking/Breaking Problem!

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  1. Hi everyone

    I bought a PM St Louis bag from the San Francisco store in June 2010. I love the bag very much and all and have not had any issues with it. However, I noticed tonight that all the straps were quite worn down and it's beginning to crack/break right at the part when it attaches to the bag. I don't wear it everyday (only every other weekend) and don't overload it with too much just my wallet, phone, cosmetic bag. I'm quite concerned as it's been less than a year and this problem has surfaced.

    Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what did you do about it?

    I've emailed the SA that helped me with the whole ordering/monogramming process.

    I'm trying to attach pictures (I've never done it) but my file is too big???

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I've had my St Louis GM for about 8 months and the sealant on the straps is cracking at the spot where they attach to the bag on mine too. I think this is just caused by normal wear given how flexible the bag and handles are, I don't carry much in mine either. I don't consider it a defect and am assuming it happens to all St Louis bags over time (at least, the ones that get used).

    I'm sure the boutique could have the sealant repainted, have they responded to you yet? I haven't tried to fix mine.
  3. They haven't responded yet-I just emailed them late last night.

    I guess it may be something that happens overtime but I'm still a bit upset considering the cost of the bag and the short time it took for this to happen!
  4. Something similar happened to my white PM but is not happening to my green GM. I've used my green GM nearly every day since last February, so I wonder if it has something to do with the sealant on different colors.
  5. Hey guys - This really scares me cos I JUST bought one black/black GM yesterday and started to carry it around with loads of stuff...
  6. I finally took some clear pictures and yikes when it's so close up, it seems even worse

    I sent the pictures to my SA and he was going to send pictures to France first so that's all for now.

    favouritemc: it should be able to carry lots but just don't overload it
  7. Please keep us posted on your situation. After reading this thread I just checked my St Louis PM in red, I also see thos cracks on one side!! I bought mine a year ago @ Barneys. I used mine somewhat often but never overload it either....
  8. yes, please keep us posted. i wonder if there is a way that we can avoid it, other than trying not to overload the bag? (even though it's supposed to be able to carry a lot, right?)
  9. Can you post these photos to show us the damage?
  10. I wanna see some pics too... Exactly how bad are those cracks?
  11. It sounds alarming upon checking my st louis gm yellow that was bought 2009 i saw some cracks also in the end part of the handles where it is attach to the bag....hmmmm need to post also a photo on this.....:tdown::tdown:
  12. mine also has mild cracks on one handle where it's attached to the bag in both places. it's pretty minor, but i don't carry the bag that often. it's the bordeaux.
  13. sorry-i was out of town for the weekend

    my pictures size exceeded what's allowed to post directly but i uploaded them on photobucket. hopefully it works. i only put in pictures of a few straps but the cracking is at each side of each strap
  14. now i'm nervous about this...i just bought a green st louis pm and i'm wondering if i should return it...i haven't used it yet...i don't want to spend almost 1000 $ for the straps to break:sad: