St. Louis sizes modeling pics

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  1. Hi guys!

    My love for the St. Louis goes up and down. It's up again since I saw some Goyards in person, absolutely love the stunning canvas.
    I'm doubting about the PM and the GM. So I would love to see some modeling pics of the different sizes. Especially on men, but all of them are welcome!

    Thanks a lot :flowers:
  2. I don't have pics to share but can give you some advice/info.

    I bought the Navy GM last December to use in rotation as a gym bag. It's a huge tote for me to use as a purse unless I cinch in the sides. Recently I have noticed that the canvas has softened to the point where the ends don't stick out like they did when I first bought it. The bag now has a more relaxed look but it's still too big for me to use as a regular purse. The handles of the GM are very comfortable.

    Today, I received the PM in black/tan. The first thing I noticed is that it is significantly smaller than the GM; the second thing I noticed is the handle drop is shorter by at least a couple/few inches. The PM is a snug fit on my shoulder and I am small to medium boned. The PM drop is 7" (don't have my GM handy to measure but I'm guessing there's a 2 or 3 inch difference).

    For guys, I would recommend the GM. The PM may be too doll-sized for you!:smile: The PM is smaller than the LV Neverfull MM if you need a reference.

  3. Thanks a lot, this helped a lot! I have pretty broad shoulders, so a PM will probably not fit and looks kind of akward. I will mostly use it as a school bag, so the GM size would be perfect! :flowers:

    One little question; Do you find the Goyard quality better than LV's quality?
  4. I honestly think you would be disappointed with the PM.

    As for quality, it's hard to judge. LV canvas seems more substantial and the raw vachetter seems richer. Goyard leather has a shiny finish so can almost look more plastic to those unfamiliar with the brand. I think the attention my bag draws when it's out and about is due to being different from anything the person has seen and not necessarily because it's Goyard. My LV's are complimented by people who recognize and love LV.

  5. Here are some modeling pics. I found a pic of the GM on my laptop from when I first bought it and took a photo of the PM for you. I am 5'1.5" tall (short!).

    The PM may look plenty big enough on me but for you it may look like a doll's bag! :biggrin:

    GM brand new:


    PM brand new:

  6. Thanks a lot for the reply! :flowers:
    I love LV for their classic look & I love the fact that Goyard is something different. It is striking, but since Goyard isn't as famous as LV it feels different.

    I'm still doubting a lot. 800 euros is a lot of money for a bag, since I'm still a student. Plus the fact that the nearest Goyard store is 500 km away, I can't get easily to the store if there is a cracking/peeling problem. But I absolutely love Goyard, so tough. =(
  7. Thank you so much! The GM seems the perfect size for me! The PM is indeed small, but it looks great on you same as the GM! :flowers:
  8. Attached are some pics.. I had pm but recently got the gm instead because I found too small
    first is pm

    Attached Files:

  9. Sabinalynn you rock the GM!
  10. Gm is awesome! So slouchy! Looking beautiful momma as always, and love jordans rapunzel outfit! My girls r obsessed too:smile:
  11. Thank uuuuu! I love it
    aw thanks ! I'm loving it:smile: she loooooves Disney princesses lol
  12. Thanks a lot, GM is perfect! You rock the GM, so fab! :flowers:
  13. Thank uuuu!:flowers::flowers:
  14. Here is my black gold gm I am 6'2.

    Attached Files:

  15. Thanks a lot! Stunning! :flowers:
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