St Louis size question

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  1. Hi all,
    I am new to Goyard (but not to tPF! :biggrin:) and am considering a St. Louis. I love the Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene, but recently had to return mine due to problems with the leather trim. I don't want the Neverfull in monogram, so am now considering a St. Louis. Does anybody know if the St. Louis PM is about the same size as the Neverfull MM? Or should I go for the St Louis GM? Thanks in advance.
  2. just got my bordeaux st. louis pm delivered last night. it feels small to my frame esp when the handles are resting on my shoulders. i'm 5'4" and 150# heavy. :confused1: i'm confused because i don't want the hassle of returning.

    now i want the gm but probably next time in green.
    :shrugs: pics to follow coz i'm off to work...
  3. Gwen10: The PM is about an inch shorter all around than the Neverfull MM. I think of the GM as a traveling bag, but if you like really, really large bags it could work for you.

    Rita-swede: sorry you're not happy with the size!!
  4. Thanks so much ahertz!

    One more question: what about the strap drop on the St Louis PM vs the Neverfull MM? The slightly smaller size shouldn't be a problem, but I am now wondering about the strap drop. TIA!

  5. ^^ Not 100% about the length difference in the strap. My mom has the MM Neverful and I think the strap is about the same? I'm 5'10" with a large-ish frame and wear the PM St. Louis comfortably.
  6. i have both the st louis pm and the neverfull mm...and yes i'd say they are about the same drop length...
  7. I would get the PM. I use the GM for traveling, it is big!
  8. Thanks to all! I've got one on hold, just need to take the plunge!!! I really want this bag!
  9. The LV mm is about the same as the Goyard pm, the pm is slightly smaller but not much. I have two GMs that I use for everyday bags but I also carry a lot with me most days. One of my good friends has a LV MM and it will easily fit in my Goyards with room to spare so I don't think you want to go up a size.
  10. Thanks so much for all the help! You Goyard girls are so sweet! :heart:

    Another question: do you all like the black w/the camel trim or the black w/the black. I like both. The black trim is in stock now, the camel trim will be available in March.
  11. I have black w/ black and absolutely prefer it to the black/tan. Where are you located? There should be no problem getting black/tan right now. I'm pretty sure BG or Barneys will have it.
  12. I prefer the black/black but it depends on your wardrobe. March isn't that long of a wait...
  13. I really want the black/black, you ladies confirmed it! I guess I thought the black/camel might be more striking in person, but I prefer the black/black in the photos I have seen. I have it on hold at BG in NYC. Will call tomorrow to order. Thanks again for all of the help!
  14. ^^ Yea!! Post photos when she comes.
  15. Welcome to Goyard! Glad to have another lover in here :smile: