ST. LOUIS Purse Repair?

  1. Anyone live in the St. Louis area who knows of a place you can recommend for purse repairs? I have a vintage bag that needs a whole new handle, and a couple other bags with minor tweaks needed here and there. I've tried googling but no where is really standing out. Thanks in advance!
  2. I tried one guy on Gravois in S. City and I cannot recommend him. And it wasn't a designer bag, thankfully. I wonder if there's anyone in Clayton/Ladue perhaps?
  3. Thanks for the reply! That's good, at least I know not to go to that one. :smile: There is Brentwood Shoe and Luggage repair, but they have very mixed reviews online... I will search harder for somewhere in the Clayton/Ladue area.
  4. This guy was a leather guy and shoe repair. It was a one man shop. I need to look up his name but he was horrid. I liked HIM but his work was so not ok.

    I don't know about if they do purse repairs but I know there's a shoe repair on Telegraph at Pottle/Forder that's supposedly great at resoling, my dad has used them a lot in the past.
  5. There was one on Groupon the other day from Clayton. It said that they even went to France and now have the exact color match for Louboutins (the red soles). I can't remember the name of it though.
  6. There's Cobblestone Shoe Repair. They have a few locations throughout the county. Creve Coeur, Ladue, Chesterfield and Town and Country.
  7. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I found the Groupon--it was for Cobblestone Shoe Repair. I will have to check them out in person and get some quotes.
  8. Thank you! Have you heard if they are good or used them yourself?

  9. I haven't personally used them for a bag repair. I've had shoes repaired and stretched there. A friend of mine had her LV bag repaired and she was very satisfied.
  10. Do NOT go here! I took two bags to him and cried when I picked then up... One bag (MbMJ) had white thread originally and this guy used brown... the other bag (Gryson) had brass hw and he replaced one with silver colored hw.
  11. That is great to hear! Thanks so much!
  12. Oh no that is terrible! Thank you for the heads up!
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    SkipToMyLou ~ Did you ever find a place that does quality work? I have a vintage Gucci I need the handle worked on. Please let me know if you had any success. Thank-you!
  14. I still haven't found anyone acceptable here.
  15. It's been a long time since I lived in STLMO, so I don't have any local suggestions. But how about going to Neimans or Saks at Plaza Frontenac? I've sent a few purses in through my local Neimans to get repaired or cleaned and if they carry that particular brand, they are happy to send it. If you don't mind mailing your bags (make sure to insure it, of course), you can send it to places in NYC. Here's an article that talks about a few places. They do mention that Artbag did the best job but was the most expensive. Fordham Repair did a good job and was very reasonably priced.