St Louis Owners - what do you put in your attached wallet?

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  1. I have a St Louis GM (in black/tan) that I purchased this summer. It was fortuitious as I broke some fingers and could only use a shoulder bag. So my GM has had lots of use. So much so, that I'm going to get another. But . . . I was wondering how everyone used the attached wallet. Mine still is wrapped in tissue at the bottom of the bag. So -- give me some great ideas for it's use.
  2. I have the exact same bag you do...and just saw my BG SA using her a WALLET:smile: She just throws her stuff in it and takes it out of the bag. I have a white one and a black one...think I need to start using them too!
  3. I tend to put things in the wallet that I use frequently and need to be able to find quickly when I am using my St Louis GM.

    Things I put in it include:
    - My house keys
    - My tram/train/bus ticket when I am in a city where I catch public transport
    - A ticket I get when I've parked the car somewhere that needs me to have the ticket validated before I can get the car back
    - My iPhone

    I don't know that I could use it as a wallet, I usually carry too much in a wallet for it to all fit in that tiny pouch!
  4. I put my cell phone in it, that way I can always find it when it's ringing
  5. Great ideas Mette. Beth, can you still hear your phone when it's inside? I was thinking something I could just leave such as tissues, mini wipes, etc.

    As an aside, is the black/tan St Louis & the black St Louis the same "fabric"?
  6. I think?? What do you mean? I have the black on black...and the leather is the same, and then the bag is painted canvas...
  7. Sorry I was not clear ryrybaby. I have the tan/black bag & was thinking of getting the black on black. I wondered whether the painted canvas was the same but just with black leather instead of tan leather? I cannot remember from when I saw it this summer & cannot tell from the photos.
  8. ^ it is the same black coated canvas, the only difference being hte colour of the lethaer trim, either black or tan(natural as Goyard calls it) leather.

    I put either valet ticket, keys, bag hook, receipts in the attached wallet. Very helpful for frequent access items.
  9. I use mine for receipts and all of those store cards that add up.
  10. I don't keep anything in it!
  11. I keep a pen in there, and some receipts.
  12. Me neither!
  13. i also keep a pen in there. and some hair elastics.
  14. ayengel and chloe13 what a great idea! I am so afraid to put a pen in my bag incase the ink would leak all over the inside of my bag. But if it were in this pouch I wouldn't care if it leaked.

    I do keep my cell phone in there and I love it. No digging around looking for it!
  15. i keep my cell phone and excess receipts in it.