St. Louis Goyard or LV Neverfull?


Goyard's St. Louis or LV Neverfull?

  1. Goyard- St. Louis

  2. Louis Vuitton- Neverfull

  3. Other- I'll list below

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  1. I need a large tote bag to use at my university. I want something that will last me for my next 2 years of undergrad, and then for my next 4+ years of graduate studies (and then this bag should work as a diaper bag for when I want to start a family...:biggrin:)- So what I'm saying is that I want this bag to LAST. I'm thinking of getting a Longchamp Le Pliage to use for now until I decide what 'investment piece' bag I want for main usage because this is a big decision for me and I want to be sure.
    So, here is what I want help with precisely:
    I love that the St. Louis is hand painted and I think the personalizing options are better that LV's. I've stalked the Goyard forum a bit a read about some incidents of cracking handles (after 4 months use?!) and some wearing of the corners on the St. Louis bag. St. Louis owners, Is this (wear/cracking)a major problem for you? Does it affect the amount of items your bag can carry? How long has your bag lasted? Is Goyard customer service really a nightmare?
    As for the NF, I'm leaning towards the Damier Ebene print, GM (not a huge fan of Louis Vuitton's monogram print for a bag this big and I'd like to not worry about vachetta getting rained on whilst walking to class). Neverfull owners, What do you not like about your NF? Have the handles on your bag cracked? How long have you had your bag? Are the corners worn at all? Any CS issues?
    FYI: I plan to carry a purse-to-go organizer, cardigan, macbook pro or air, 1 or 2 textbooks, and a bottle of water.
    (Sorry for writing a novel, but TIA for any help!)
  2. Please post pictures of both bags. Thanks.
  3. I would say Neverfull hands down, which you can have personalized via LV as well. I purchased a St Louis and promptly returned it due to the inevitable cracking handle issues and the fact that for the price I just did not feel like it would hold up to what I felt it should. If you want durability I think your investment is much better put into the LV.

  4. Here are photos of each bag, the Goyard is on top and NF is below. (The pics are just from google, fyi)
    Goyard-St-Louis-black.jpg neverfull.jpg
  5. I like the painting on the Goyard but I know the quality of LV and so would be inclined to choose the LV.
  6. I love my NF and before I purchased it I never thought the handles would crack. I purchased it a little over two months ago and already noticed it's beginning to crack! I also never put a lot of things in it to even make it heavy. I have the MM size. It's so sad because now it sits in its dust bag never to be taken out again!
  7. I will go to LV,I have my NF for almost a year now but never had any issues with the handles (ebene).I guess we have different experiences and mine was made in USA.
  8. Your novel is absolutely fine. I admire your thoughtfulness and planning in selecting a bag for its function and longevity. And great job of doing your research.

    In my short tenure here, I have seen many complaints about the Goyard over quality. Regarding LV, people fall out of love with the pattern of the LV but I see almost no complaints about quality.

    The ratio of complaints is almost like a probability that you will run into problems with either brand. You could get a problematic LV but it is much less likely than with the Goyard.

    If you read this thread, you will learn that 90% of brands, even premium brands, sell some bags that have quality issues. None are immune.

    I don't really know the answer to this question since I don't follow LV. But I have read that the quality of even premium brands is falling and there is disgust when brands switch to being made in China instead of France or Italy or where ever. I don't know if LV is one of them. Given that, I pose this question:

    Is there a certain date that the quality of LV changed. Were they better before _____ date. If so, what is that date?

    If so, you might be better looking for a perfect preloved bag with the idea getting a lower price and higher quality.
  9. I love the LV and it will absolutely hold its value over time as well. If for some reason you do get sick of it you wont have a problem selling it and making back close to what you paid. But I personally wouldnt get it personalized or else you wont be able to ever re-sell it or pass it down to your family members.
  10. Interesting point! Does anyone have input regarding the above?
    Also, would LV personalize my bag (I'm thinking heat stamping...) if I had purchased it pre-loved?
  11. Thanks for your post. I really want my bag personalized, as I will never sell it and I want it to have it's own unique flair. (Also, I'd easily dodge those ever annoying "Is that real" type of question). If or when I ever pass it down, whoever gets it should think of my initials on the bag as a sentimental token ;) I know I would if the LV my grandmother had passed to me had her initials on it!
  12. These comments are all really helpful! Thanks to all. I'm still not ready to jump into a purchase yet, so keep the advice coming ladies and gents!
  13. I recommend the LV because of it's quality and durability. If you are afraid of the leather handles cracking (which may happen with any coloured leather no matter how high quality it is), then you can buy the monogram Neverfull with the natural leather handles (which is not prone to cracking, since it is technically not a coloured leather). The leather will show a patina and darken over time, but it will add to the beauty of the piece (and it's a way to tell your LV apart from fakes).

  14. I have really taken that into consideration, but I am not particularly fond of the monogram print as I have a piece in mono and rarely use it because it is mono. I feel the damier is a tad more discreet (rarely see it around where I live) and I think I might have issues using the azur in the winter. Does anyone carry damier azur bags in the winter months? And also, in the long run, does carrying vachetta in the rain really make a big difference to the patina? TIA!
  15. I'm in the minority I suppose but I voted for the Goyard.
    I have one and it's been my go-to bag for the park, etc. and during the summer months.
    My mother borrowed it for a cross-country road trip and she had no idea how much $ the bag cost. So she treated it as such as she's not into designer items in the least.

    It held up fine and still no cracking or wear. I've had it for about 1-2 years now.