St Louis GM Reveal!

  1. My husband got a video of my Goyard reveal! Lots of fascinating footage of me opening the box. Cameos from our cat and dog.
    Photo on 2010-12-02 at 21.38 #2.jpg
  2. Congratz!!!! Enjoy it!
  3. Beautiful! congrats & enjoy!
  4. WAY 2 GO, MissPinkKate!
    Love your tote! Woo hoo! enjoy!!:woohoo:
  5. Love the video! No wonder you were so enthusiastic--your bag is fantastic! Congrats!
  6. congratulations, it is fabulous!
  7. I am loving my bag so far! It holds so much! I used to have to juggle multiple bags- no longer! Into the tote it goes.
  8. hi Miss kate would you know if its cheaper to get the goyard in the US or Paris?>
  9. Love the video love the bag. Congrats! JK--can I send you a box cutter or knife for your next reveal??? :biggrin:

    escharma less expensive in Paris.
  10. Heehee, would you please??? I don't suppose Goyard makes a fancy box cutter? :nuts:
  11. Loved the video! Congratulations!!!
  12. Loved the video and love your new bag! So pretty! Congratulations! I'm looking to maybe a Goyard St Louis PM for my next bad. So glad to see how happy you were with yours!
  13. Big smiles!! Gorgeous!!
  14. OOOOOOOOOHHHH, LOVED the video! The sound effects were fantastic! The bag, MARVELOUS! And cute kitty and doggy! Congratulations!
  15. gorgeous congrats!