St. Louis GM for mee?

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  1. So I have 2 St. Louis PMs, one in sky blue, and one in black/tan, and now I am thinking I want to try out the GM! But I am a bit nervous about the size...I am about 5'4" and overall petite, so I don't want to look funny/overwhelmed with it. Does anyone have any St. Louis GMs to model? I've searched in the forum and only found a couple modeling shots and would love to see more! Also, does it become more wearable once it is broken in? I know my sky blue PM has been worn a lot more than my black/tan PM, and it is less boxy and more slouchy and soft (less stiff). Any help would be so wonderful! Thanks :smile:
  2. I have two GMs and they definitely got softer. I think a GM will be fine for you because it does not feel huge, you can also fold the sides in and make it seem smaller when it's not really full.
  3. I would definitely get the GM. It is one of my favorite bags!