St. Louis Crystals?

  1. What do you think of the Saint Louis Crystals? They're owned by Hermes (that's on topic, right?), same goes with Purifocat. I think I'm getting addicted to the Saint Louis Crystals, they're so gorgeous. My SA showed me a limited edition perfume bottle of 24 Faubourg made by St. Louis Crystal and I almost fainted at the price $1500. But it was so beautiful.

    Oh I got myself a bottle of Rose Ikebana~ The SA was really cool, she also gave me a bunch of perfume samples now I have enough to last me several months
  2. i looove cristal st. louis the do have fabulous unusual shaped glasses in very intensive colours and yes they do come in fuschia :P
  3. Hi, Kou, yes, I love it, I have a full set in the crystal wine, champagne, water, martini, glasses etc... it is cut beautifully, I also love the solid color highball glasses, they look like gems! but don't have the parfume bottle so far. I am so glad you went to your local store...with each visit, you may be getting closer to buying your ostrich!!:yes: and with all the samples...well, you just saved money, and don't have to buy any parfume!:flowers:
  4. FUCHSIA!?? They do??!! Oh which model? Oh boy, I feel a new obsession developing now ...

  5. I love the crystals ... They have jewelry boxes made in the shape of the animals too. They're so adorable!:love:
    You're right, I am saving money with the samples~~:yahoo: I counted 4 samples of Votiver Tonic (which I would probably never tried if it weren't for the sample - it's pretty unique, i like it), 6 samples of Eau du Marville, 4 samples of 24 Faubourg, 2 samples of Caleche Delicat. Yup, it's a lot of samples:wlae:
  6. rose ikebana - yummy:tender: