St. Louis corners ripping/cracking?

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  1. Hey there! So after a long debate I've decided to take the plunge on a Goyard St Louis. I'm completely excited to buy the bag except that I saw something that alarmed me today. I was in line behind this woman with the traditional St Louis and I noticed that she had rips and tears in all 4 corners of the bag- similar to what my Longchamps look like after I use them a long time.

    Is this normal? I would hate to spend on a bag that's going to rip in the corners like that. any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I've seen that St. Louis bags with that problem also. Apparently it takes a long time to wear out the corners, but it does happen. I asked my SA at Barney's and he said that you can get the corners repaired or reinforced. When I bought my black on black St. Louis PM, i decided to get the corners reinforced immediately. It was very reasonable in price and looks good.
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  3. Agree, corners can wear if bag loaded down.

    There is a post somewhere in the Goyard forum of someone who posted pix of their reinforced corners.

    Could a post a pix of yours Sassie Me?
  4. Sure! Glad to! :smile: It's not as dramatic as I thought that it would be, but it adds a bit of color....

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  5. That looks good. Thanks for posting. Does it give the bag more structure?
  6. Not really. I did it to personalize the bag in some way. My SA didn't recommend initials or stripes because he said that the bag is too flexible and the paint tends to crack.

    I use a large purseket inside to help me organize my chaos! :lol: That gives the bag more structure.
  7. Thank you for posting your picture! Maybe I'll do that then- I have it done on my LV actually and it looks fine. I appreciate the feedback :smile:
  8. That looks really good. Do the leather patches extend around the bottom of the bag? In your pics, it looks like the patches just go around the sides of the corners and not under those corners. Thanks
  9. Doesn't go under the bag. :shrugs: IMO, not really worth the $$ or the time waiting for it to be returned!
  10. Does anyone know how much (USD) it costs to get the corners reinforced? Also, do they "match" the colour of the reinforcers to the colour of your bag?
  11. I had my PM done in February and it cost $125. :smile: Might be sightly higher now.
  12. Thanks, SassieMe! I wonder if the luggage pieces (Boeing) already come reinforced. :thinking: Hmm, anyone know?
  13. Did you send the bag back to Goyard to get the corners reinforced or did you have a local leather specialist do the work?
  14. I had it done at Barneys when I bought it. Didn't take very long either.
  15. Hi, I just bought my St. Louis gm from eBay and I'm thinking of sent the bag to store to get the corner reinforce , does anyone know do I need to show them receipt of purchase or other infomation ? Thank you!!!