St John - to old looking?

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  1. I bought my first St John suit today for a great price on sale. I think its a classic line that seems to have had the same style so I can wear it for years. I'm wondering if it might be to "old" looking. I'm in my 30's and when I see most of St John's line I think of ladies in suits in their 50's-60's. St John also reminds me of a less expensive Chanel style.

    Angelina Jolie wears a lot of their stuff since she's their spokesmodel so I guess it can't be to old looking.

    What are your thoughts on St John?

    Here's the jacket I got along with a basic black pencil skirt with it.
  2. I don't think St. John is old looking at all! Very classy and elegant, in my opinion.
  3. i agree that some of their stuff can be old looking, but some of their pieces are also very young and classic and beautiful. i think that the piece that you got is definitely suitable for your age-it's all in the styling :tup:
  4. I've worn St. John for quite a few years. The pieces are classic and stylish. Actually, I find the knit to be pretty sexy on younger women.
  5. You have to pick and choose your pieces. Some of the line IMO does look better on mature women... I wear many of my St John coats and sweaters with jeans, and I always get compliments( I am 32).

    I also get everything tailored, I think it gives it a more modern edge.
  6. Not at all.. St. John pieces to me are really classic and timeless. The suit that you got DEFINITELY is not too old looking... it's gorgeous!

    And bags, you of all people I think, could pull anything off.. :p
  7. st john is classic and ageless,imo. it is all in how you wear it.
  8. Hi Bags,
    I got my first St. John suit recently at a thrift store, and had the same concerns. I am also in my thirties. What makes mine a little "younger" is that the skirt is a very short mini.
    The price was so fantastic though ($30.00), that I figured it was worth it! I have yet to wear it, but am waiting for just the right occasion!!!
    I think the one you chose is beautiful, and you are right about St. John being classic! I think they are great investments pieces!
  9. I will also agree that most of their designs are more "old" looking, BUT that suit jacket is really nice and will work well with a younger audience.
  10. I think some of their knit suits look better on older women, but they definitely have some stunning classic pieces that can look modern depending on how you wear it. The jacket you bought is beautiful and I think it will look great on you.
  11. I agree as well, some items are def. more sophisticated and more for an older woman but the piece you got is very cute. PLUS, it is all about what you put with it. If your other pieces are youthful, the jacket will look the part and vise versa.
  12. St Johns is classy & any woman (regardless of age) could make it look amazing.
  13. I generally think they are old-looking but that piece you got is not aging at all and worn in a modern way is both classic and classy!
  14. I know what you mean, but I love St. John. I think it's a conservative look, but the jacket you're considering can certainly be worn in a more trendy way with awesome jeans and boots, etc.

    I'm in my 50's and St. John fits my lifestyle and my personality, but honestly, it did as well when I was much younger too.
  15. I think it is "old looking", to be honest. I think just b/c Jolie gets paid to wear it, doesn't make it look young or "in" in any way.