St. John Handbags Return February.......

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  1. But does anyone have any from past seasons like the big black tote with silver chain across it? They haven't done handbags for awhile but this February they'll be back in stores.
  2. Is this the same St. John as the clothing line? If so, I can tell already I'll be a fan.
  3. Yes! I spoke to their Beverly Hills store and the SAs were very excited about bringing back the bags.
  4. That's good to know! Hopefully Saks or Neiman's will carry the handbags as well b/c I don't think we have a St. Johns store in this area.
  5. I have a few (that match shoes) from 1999 that I have never used, even have tags on them. DH made me buy them. lol I was just thinking about taking them in to consignment store.
  6. I nearly fell over when I read this sentence! The day my DH/PHH "makes" me buy a handbag will be the day I'm a millionaire.....never!!!!!!:upsidedown:

    Lucky you!