St Germain BB vs Chanel Half Moon WOC???

  1. Just got a St Germain BB in noir, but also really want a Chanel half moon WOC. Want a bag i can dress up and down. Can't have both right now, which one should I get?
  2. Saint germain bb 😍
  3. +1!
  4. I would have said half moon but since the BB came out, I say BB
  5. St. Germain bb. So cute !!!!
  6. I think the St Germain BB is better.
  7. St Germain BB. I don't like the big C's on the half moon. I would recommend a WOC, though if you can go that small?
  8. Saint Germain BB!! Too cute to give up!!!
    She's a keeper❣
  9. Are you able to find a Chanel half moon WOC? They were discontinued a while ago so are you looking on the secondary market? I love the half moon and really regret not getting one 5 years ago. I went with the classic rectangular shape. The half moon is a lot more spacious. However, I would not be so inclined to pay a premium for a bag that is 5+ years old as most are priced well above what they retailed at, but that is Chanel - the demand drives the prices and they keep going up.
  10. St Germain bb
  11. I just bought a black half moon woc from ebay! Looked like it was in good condition so I couldn't pass it up. Should receive it tomorrow! Will post pictures of both. Totally broke and on ban island now :sad:
  12. Congrats to you - can't wait to see your pictures! Sometimes I see half moon WOC on Ebay and they are priced higher than what I paid for my Half Moon Accordion Flap bag and it is really incredible! It is such a sought after WOC!
  13. I think that was the best route to go since they are both so beautiful! I cannot wait to see pics! :yahoo: A half moon WOC is on my wish list!
  14. Here's my black Chanel half moon woc and new Louis Vuitton Empreinte cles in poppy! I love how I can dress it up or down. Love it! Wish I could've gotten it when it was still available from Chanel. Sorry for the photobombing cat :P

  15. Great decision not to miss the half moon! I love that I can squeeze the Empreinte Cles in there together with iPhone 6, lipstick and flat packet of tissue. Enjoy both pieces! I wish I have another one from the boutique before it was discontinued. Tough call as there was graphite, poppy, burgundy, denim.