St Germain and Vintage line is on sale~

  1. I just called the sydney dior botique and they said that St Germain and Trotter Vintage (bags and small leather goods) is going to be 25% off, they also said they have most shoes on sale:smile:
  2. woot! sweet! thanks for the info susu! any chance the sydney store does international mail order?
  3. i have no idea, but im guessing no..:sad: i hear if they have their own dior store in that country they dont ship out internationally. otherwise everyone would be buying form france! lol. Is there DFS store called Galleria in UK too? Theres two dior store in sydney, and dfs dior store seems to have more sale throught the year..
  4. :sad:
    it's funny though, since i think Chloe (where are you chloe?!) gets her diors from paris directly even though there's a store in dubai? i may be wrong on this though since my memory is failing me nowadays.

    there's no DFS/galleria here in the UK, unfortunately (otherwise i'd probably be setting up a tent and living in the store). i just wiki-ed it out and it seems like it's a HK based retailer (owned by the LVMH group) which operates stores around the pacific rim. :confused1: i'm familiar with DFS being tax-free and with tonnes of offers, etc, but i should think both the diors would be holding their sales together.
  5. Oh really?:drool: buying from paris would beso much cheaper..! since aus price is so over priced compared to other countires:yucky:
  6. Hi, no the one you have is trotter romantique. congrats on ur bag its lovely:drool:
    this is one of the bag from the trotter vintage line:smile:
  7. Oh thank goodness :sweatdrop:

    Thank you! I used it for the first time yesterday
  8. wow Dimple your baby is sooo adorable:drool: did she behave out did u like using her?;)
  9. She behaved extremely well at dinner! :yes: