St. Cloud or Tambourin?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm thinking that having a petite sling would be a refreshing break from lugging around satchels and totes all day.

    I also think it would look really cute and casual with jeans.

    Which do you like better in terms of compactness and appearance when worn:

    the St. Cloud or Tambourin?

  2. i like the tambourin better, i have one, and it does come in handy. good luck!
  3. Not really a fan of vintage looking bags... I like the Tambourin better.
  4. I like the Tambourin although the st cloud does have alot of vintage charm :smile:
  5. I def. think the Tambourin is cuter, but how well do you get on with the buckle closure? It doesn't have an easier snap closure underneath, does it?
  6. I love vintage! St. Cloud for sure! (and you can generally get them for a steal on eBay...)

  7. I know, thanks, I've been trying!